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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2020Assessing the association between tourism and the alcohol urban environment in Barcelona: a cross-sectional studyPuigcorbé, Susanna; Villalbí, Joan R; Sureda, Xisca; Bosque Prous, Marina; Teixidó Compañó, Ester; Franco, Manuel; Bartroli, Montserrat; Espelt, Albert
1-Nov-2020Availability, Promotion, and Signs of Alcohol Consumption: A Mixed Methods Study of Perceived Exposure and Objective MeasuresPastor, Andrea; Moreno de la Fuente, Irene; Sandín Vázquez, María; Conde, Paloma; Bosque Prous, Marina; Franco, Manuel; Shortt, Niamh; Sureda, Xisca
6-Aug-2021Changes in perceptions of the alcohol environment among participants in a Photovoice project conducted in two districts with different socio-economic statusMolina de la Fuente, Irene; Pastor, Andrea; Conde, Paloma; Sandín Vázquez, María; Ramos, Carmen; Bosque Prous, Marina; Franco, Manuel; Sureda, Xisca
26-Aug-2023Exploring perceptions of alcohol consumption in unlicensed public places among individuals aged 40 and over: A qualitative study across socioeconomically diverse neighbourhoods in Madrid, SpainGonzález Salgado, Loyola; Rivera Navarro, Jesús; Valiente, Roberto; Sureda, Xisca; Franco, Manuel
1-Aug-2020Qualitative examination of the perceived effects of a comprehensive smoke-free law according to neighborhood socioeconomic status in a largeLoyola González Salgado, Ignacio de; Rivera Navarro, Jesús; Sureda, Xisca; Franco, Manuel
5-Nov-2020Tobacco Retail Environment and Smoking: A Systematic Review of Geographic Exposure Measures and Implications for Future StudiesValiente, Roberto; Escobar, Francisco; Urtasun, María; Franco, Manuel; Shortt, Niamh K.; Sureda, Xisca
30-Sep-2022Understanding how alcohol environment influences youth drinking: A concept mapping study among university studentsTeixidó-compañó, Ester; Sureda, Xisca; Bosque-prous, Marina; Villalbí, Joan R.; Puigcorbé, Susanna; Colillas-malet, Ester; Franco, Manuel; Espelt, Albert