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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jun-2021Algorithmic versus teacher-led sequencing in a digital serious game and the development of second language reading fluency and accuracySerra, Judit; Gilabert Guerrero, Roger
2007L'aprenentatge de llengües mitjançant tasques pedagògiquesGilabert Guerrero, Roger
15-Dec-2023Audio-synchronized textual enhancement in L2 pronunciation teaching and learning with TV seriesGalimberti, Valeria
11-Jun-2019Awareness-raising of formulaic language in EFL: a task-based teaching studyGonzalez Cid, Maripau
11-Jun-2020Captioned and subtitled L2 media in EFL contextSergeeva, Maria
2016The “Cinderella” of foreign language teaching. An Insight to the Integration of Pronunciation in EFL ContextsMora Plaza, Íngrid
18-Jun-2019Cochlear implants and second language acqusitionAndrés Ocaña, Juan
2014Cómo se enseña inglés en un grupo de institutos donde se obtienen resultados destacables en la prueba de lengua inglesa en las PAUTragant Mestres, Elsa; Miralpeix, Imma; Serrano Serrano, Raquel; Navés, Teresa; Gilabert Guerrero, Roger; Pahissa, Isabel; Serra, Neus
Jul-2015Defining and Operationalizing Propositional Complexity into Idea Units: Effects of Mode, Discourse Type, Task Type and Task ComplexityParra Paños, Laura
2010Differences in attainment and performance in a foreign language: the role of working memory capacityGilabert Guerrero, Roger; Muñoz Lahoz, Carme
Sep-2009The effects of +/- reasoning demands on L2 oral production duringPownall Graumann, James William
Sep-2008The effects of increasing cognitive task complexity along [+/- planning Time] and [+/ – few Elements] on L2 oral productionLevkina, Mayya
2007Effects of manipulating Task Complexity on self-repairs during L2 oral productionGilabert Guerrero, Roger
2011The effects of task complexity on L2 oral production as mediated by differences in working memory capacityRecio Crespo, Mary
May-2014El perfil del alumnado y profesorado en un grupo de institutos con resultados destacables en inglésPahissa, Isabel; Gilabert Guerrero, Roger; Tragant Mestres, Elsa; Serrano Serrano, Raquel; Miralpeix, Imma; Navés, Teresa; Serra, Neus
Jul-2014Grammatical Complexity as Mediated by Proficiency and Working Memory in L2 Oral Production: Measuring Syntactic Complexity versus Grammatical VarietyCáceres, Xaidé
2011"In mine or in yours?" Task-based information distribution and it's effect on oral interaction: An EFL classroom studyBlackmore, Anna
2012The Influence of working memory on L2 oral fluency: an exploratory studyMorris, Steven
11-Jun-2019Is Chomskyan linguistics tenable? A war of attritionBermejo Miranda, Gonzalo
2020It’s not whether you win or lose: investigating the use of serious games and L2 reading developmentIsraelsson, David S.