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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2023Characterisation of the MUSIC ASIC for large-area silicon photomultipliers for gamma-ray astronomyAngelis, Nicolas; Gascón Fora, David; Gomez, Sergio; Heller, Matthieu; Montaruli, Teresa; Nagai, Andrii
1-May-2022FastIC: a fast integrated circuit for the readout of high performance detectorsGomez, Sergio; Alozy, J.; Campbell, Michael; Fernandez-Tenllado, José María; Manera Escalero, R.; Mauricio, J.; Pujol, C.; Sanchez, D.; Sanmukh, A.; Sanuy, A.; Ballabriga, R.; Gascón Fora, David
1-Aug-2021MATRIX16: A 16-Channel Low-Power TDC ASIC with 8 ps Time ResolutionMauricio, Joan; Freixas, Lluis; Sanuy Charles, Andreu; Gomez, Sergio; Manera, Rafel; Marin, Jesus; Perez, Jose M.; Picatoste Olloqui, Eduardo; Rato, Pedro; Sanchez, David; Sanmukh, Anand; Vela, Oscar; Gascón Fora, David
11-May-2021Multiple Use SiPM Integrated Circuit (MUSIC) for Large Area and High Performance SensorsGomez, Sergio; Sanchez, David; Mauricio, Joan; Picatoste Olloqui, Eduardo; Sanuy Charles, Andreu; Sanmukh, Anand; Ribó Gomis, Marc; Gascón Fora, David
8-Feb-2016PACIFIC: the readout ASIC for the SciFi Tracker of the upgraded LHCb detectorMazorra, José; Chanal, Herve; Comerma Montells, Albert; Gascón Fora, David; Gomez, Sergio; Han, X.; Pillet, Nicolas; Vandaele, R.; LHCb Collaboration