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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jul-2015Conditioning Factors for High Cardiovascular Risk in Patients with Cushing SyndromeBoero, Laura; Manavela, Marcos; Botta, Eliana; Mallea-Gil, Maria Susana; Katz, Débora; Meroño, Tomás; Tetzlaff, Walter; Martin, Maximiliano; Gomez Rosso, Leonardo; Danilowicz, Karina; Brites, Fernando
11-Oct-2012GH levels and insulin sensitivity are differently associated with biomarkers of cardiovascular disease in active acromegalyBoero, Laura; Manavela, Marcos; Meroño, Tomás; Maidana, P.; Gomez Rosso, Leonardo; Brites, Fernando
3-May-2012HOMA-IR and non-HDL-C as predictors of high cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity in patients at risk for type 2 diabetesConiglio, R. I.; Meroño, Tomás; Montiel, H,; Malaspina, M. M.; Salgueiro, A. M.; Otero, J. C.; Ferraris, R.; Schreier, L.; Brites, Fernando; Gomez Rosso, Leonardo
2-Nov-2016Poor glycemic control in type 2 diabetes enhances functional and compositional alterations of small, dense HDL3cGomez Rosso, Leonardo; Lhomme, Marie; Meroño, Tomás; Dellepiane, Ana; Sorroche, Patricia; Hedjazi, Lyamine; Zakiev, Emile; Sukhorukov, Vasily; Orekhov, Alexander; Gasparri, Julieta; Chapman, M. John; Brites, Fernando; Kontush, Anatol