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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2021A Bayesian joint model for zero‐inflated integers and left‐truncated event times with a time‐varying association: Applications to senior health carePiulachs Lozada-Benavente, Xavier; Andrinopoulou, Eleni-Rosalina; Guillén, Montserrat; Rizopoulos, Dimitris
Jan-2013A correlation sensitivity analysis of non-life underwriting risk in solvency capital requirement estimationBermúdez, Lluís; Ferri Vidal, Antoni; Guillén, Montserrat
2011A correlation sensitivity analysis of non-life underwriting risk in solvency capital requirement estimation [WP]Bermúdez, Lluís; Ferri Vidal, Antoni; Guillén, Montserrat
2014A joint longitudinal and survival model with health care usage for insured elderlyPiulachs Lozada-Benavente, Xavier; Alemany Leira, Ramon; Guillén, Montserrat
15-Mar-2023A multidimensional review of the cash management problemSalas Molina, Francisco; Rodríguez-Aguilar, Juan A. (Juan Antonio); Guillén, Montserrat
1-Oct-2020A Sarmanov Distribution with Beta Marginals: An Application to Motor Insurance PricingBolancé Losilla, Catalina; Guillén, Montserrat; Pitarque, Albert
1-Jan-2021A Synthetic penalized logitboost to model mortgage lending with imbalanced cataPesantez-Narvaez, Jessica; Guillén, Montserrat; Alcañiz, Manuela
2014Accounting for severity of risk when pricing insurance productsAlemany Leira, Ramon; Bolancé Losilla, Catalina; Guillén, Montserrat
22-Dec-2021El acuerdo para rellenar la hucha de las pensiones afectará a la nómina, los impuestos y los costes laboralesGuillén, Montserrat
1-May-2022Acute respiratory infection rates in primary care anticipate ICU bed occupancy during COVID-19 wavesGuillén, Montserrat; Bardes Robles, Ignasi; Bordera Cabrera, Ester; Acebes Roldán, Xénia; Bolancé Losilla, Catalina; Jorba, Daniel; Moriña, David
1-Dec-2020Advanced analytics pricing for the calculation of post-covid19 scenarios in automobile insuranceVidal-Llana, Xenxo; Guillén, Montserrat
Dec-2019Aggregation of dependent risks with heavy-tail distributionsGuillén, Montserrat; Sarabia Alegría, José María; Prieto, Faustino; Jordá, Vanesa
Nov-2018Allowing for time and cross dependence assumptions between claim counts in ratemaking modelsBermúdez, Lluís; Guillén, Montserrat; Karlis, Dimitris
5-Aug-2021An examination of the tail contribution to distortion risk measuresSantolino, Miguel; Belles Sampera, Jaume; Sarabia Alegría, José María; Guillén, Montserrat
2018Analysis of PD-LGD correlation effects on the minimum capital requirementPérez Torre, Víctor
2021Anàlisi Economètrica dels Valors de Mercat Futbolístic Europeu de la temporada 2017/2018Sastre Belío, Miquel
Jun-2017Anàlisi estadística dels “Papers de Panamà”Romero Honrubia, Alex
Jun-2020Anàlisi, detecció i estudi de bombolles múltiples en sèries temporals de freqüència de cerques a GoogleCriballés Vilamitjana, Sabina
27-Sep-2020aPRIDIT unsupervised classification with asymmetric valuation of variable discriminatory worthGolden, Linda L.; Brockett, Patrick L.; Guillén, Montserrat; Manika, Danae
10-May-2020Assessing driving risk using Internet of Vehicles data: an analysis based on Generalized Linear ModelsSun, Shuai; Bi, Jun; Guillén, Montserrat; Pérez Marín, Ana María