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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Mar-2018Acute respiratory distress syndrome in mechanically ventilated patients with community-acquired pneumoniaCillóniz, Catia; Ferrer Monreal, Miquel; Liapikou, Adamantia; Garcia Vidal, Carolina; Gabarrús, Albert; Ceccato, Adrian; Puig de la Bellacasa, Jordi; Blasi, Francesco; Torres Martí, Antoni
18-Aug-2015Ceftobiprole for the treatment of pneumonia: a European perspectiveLiapikou, Adamantia; Cillóniz, Catia; Torres Martí, Antoni
Oct-2018Drugs that increase the risk of community-acquired pneumonia: a narrative reviewLiapikou, Adamantia; Cillóniz, Catia; Torres Martí, Antoni
Nov-2019Emerging antibiotics for community-acquired pneumoniaLiapikou, Adamantia; Cillóniz, Catia; Palomepue, Andrea; Torres Martí, Antoni
13-Jul-2012Impact of guidelines for stratification of community acquired and hospital pneumonia severity and treatmentLiapikou, Adamantia
1-Jan-2019Lymphocytopenia as a Predictor of Mortality in Patients with ICU-Acquired PneumoniaCeccato, Adrian; Panagiotarakou, Meropi; Ranzani, Otavio T.; Martín Fernández, Marta; Almansa Mora, Raquel; Gabarrús, Albert; Bueno, Leticia; Cillóniz, Catia; Liapikou, Adamantia; Ferrer, Miquel; Bermejo Martín, Jesús; Torres Martí, Antoni
27-May-2014New antimicrobial approaches to gram positive respiratory infectionsLiapikou, Adamantia; Cillóniz, Catia; Mensa Pueyo, Josep; Torres Martí, Antoni
23-Dec-2015Polymicrobial intensive care unit-acquired pneumonia: prevalence, microbiology and outcomeFerrer Monreal, Miquel; Difrancesco, L.; Liapikou, Adamantia; Rinaudo, Mariano; Carbonara, M.; Li Bassi, Gianluigi; Gabarrús, Albert; Gabarrús, Albert
4-Mar-2016Readmission for Acute Exacerbation within 30 Days of Discharge Is Associated with a Subsequent Progressive Increase in Mortality Risk in COPD Patients: A Long-Term Observational StudyGuerrero Pérez, Mónica; Crisafulli, Ernesto; Liapikou, Adamantia; Huerta, Arturo; Gabarrús, Albert; Chetta, Alfredo; Soler Porcar, Néstor; Torres Martí, Antoni
2-Jul-2019Risk and Prognostic Factors in Very Old Patients with Sepsis Secondary to Community-Acquired PneumoniaCillóniz, Catia; Dominedò, Cristina; Ielpo, Antonella; Ferrer Monreal, Miquel; Gabarrús, Albert; Battaglini, Denise; Bermejo Martín, Jesús; Meli, Andrea; Garcia Vidal, Carolina; Liapikou, Adamantia; Singer, Mervyn; Torres Martí, Antoni
25-Jan-2018Severe community-acquired pneumonia: Characteristics and prognostic factors in ventilated and non-ventilated patientsFerrer, Manel; Travierso, Chiara; Cillóniz, Catia; Gabarrús, Albert; Ranzani, Otavio T.; Polverino, Eva; Liapikou, Adamantia; Blasi, Francesco; Torres Martí, Antoni
7-Sep-2020Systemic Inflammatory Response and Outcomes in Community-Acquired Pneumonia Patients Categorized According to the Smoking Habit or Presence of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseCrisafulli, Ernesto; Cillóniz, Catia; Liapikou, Adamantia; Ferrari, Marcello; Busti, Fabiana; Girelli, Domenico; Torres Martí, Antoni
18-Jul-2018Twenty-year trend in mortality among hospitalized patients with pneumococcal community-acquired pneumoniaCillóniz, Catia; Liapikou, Adamantia; Martín Loeches, Manuel; Garcia Vidal, Carolina; Gabarrús, Albert; Ceccato, Adrian; Magdaleno, Daniel; Mensa Pueyo, Josep; Marco Reverté, Francesc; Torres Martí, Antoni