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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Aesthetic predicates: a hybrid dispositional accountMarques, Teresa
2019'Beasts in human form': how dangerous speech harmsMarques, Teresa
2015Disagreeing in ContextMarques, Teresa
2014Disagreement about taste: commonality presuppositions and coordinationMarques, Teresa; García-Carpintero, Manuel
Feb-2019Hybrid Dispositionalism and the LawMarques, Teresa
26-Jul-2021Illocutionary force and attitude mode in normative disputesMarques, Teresa
2017Pejorative discourse is not fictionalMarques, Teresa
5-Nov-2020Pejoratives & OughtsMarques, Teresa
2018RetractionsMarques, Teresa
6-Dec-2019The case against semantic relativismMarques, Teresa
17-Jun-2022The Quasi-Persuasive Nature of DisagreementPietroiusti, Giulio
2017The Relevance of Causal Social ConstructionMarques, Teresa
2018This is not an instance of (E)Marques, Teresa
2016We can't have no satisfactionMarques, Teresa
2017What metalinguistic negotiations can't doMarques, Teresa
2023You shall not lie nor mislead (unless it is a need)Huete Rodríguez, Andrea