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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-May-2020Acousto-holographic optical tweezersBola Sampol, Raúl; Treptow, Dorian; Marzoa Domínguez, Antonio; Montes Usategui, Mario; Martín Badosa, Estela
2011Adding functionalities to precomputed holograms with random mask multiplexing in holographic optical tweezersMas Soler, Josep; Roth, Michele S.; Montes Usategui, Mario; Martín Badosa, Estela
12-Jul-2006Análisis de la influencia de las aberraciones del sistema difractor en el reconocimiento de imágenes por correlación ópticaPérez Tudela, Julio D.
1-Dec-2021Artifact-free holographic light shaping through moving acousto-optic hologramsTreptow, Dorian; Bola Sampol, Raúl; Martín Badosa, Estela; Montes Usategui, Mario
30-May-2014Artificially-induced organelles are optimal targets for optical trapping experiments in living cellsLópez-Quesada, Carol; Fontaine, Anne-Sophie; Farré Flaquer, Arnau; Joseph, Minu; Selva Sánchez, Javier; Egea Guri, Gustavo; Ludevid, Dolors; Martín Badosa, Estela; Montes Usategui, Mario
1995Computation of arbitrarily constrained synthetic discriminant functionsMontes Usategui, Mario; Campos Coloma, Juan; Juvells Prades, Ignacio
27-Aug-2007Design strategies for optimizing holographic optical tweezers set-upsMartín Badosa, Estela; Montes Usategui, Mario; Carnicer González, Arturo; Andilla i Salla, Jordi; Pleguezuelos Aguilera, Encarnación; Juvells Prades, Ignacio
Jun-2019Development of a computational tool for a new fluorescence microscopy techniqueLumbreras Navarro, Sara
17-Jun-2021Development of optical tools for biological applications based on acousto-optic technologyBola Sampol, Raúl
Jun-2015Dynamic Optical Tweezers using Acousto-Optic ModulatorsFerrer Ortas, Júlia
21-Feb-2017Extending calibration-free force measurements to optically-trapped rod-shaped samplesCatalà, Frederic; Marsà, Ferran; Montes Usategui, Mario; Farré Flaquer, Arnau; Martín Badosa, Estela
20-Oct-2004Generalization of the Jared and Ennis method of complex transmittance objects for the generation of synthetic discriminant function filtersPleguezuelos Aguilera, Encarnación; Labastida i Juan, Ignasi, 1970-; Montes Usategui, Mario; Vallmitjana i Rico, Santiago; Carnicer González, Arturo
18-May-2021Holographic light shaping through acousto-optic deflectorsTreptow, Dorian
16-Dec-2013Holographic optical tweezers combined with back-focal-plane displacement detectionMarsà, Ferran; Farré Flaquer, Arnau; Martín Badosa, Estela; Montes Usategui, Mario
16-Jan-2009Holographic optical tweezers systems for biophysical experimentsAndilla i Salla, Jordi
18-Dec-2018Implementation of the direct force measurement method in optical tweezersCatalà i Castro, Frederic
22-Nov-2017Influence of experimental parameters on the laser heating of an optical trapCatalà, Frederic; Marsà, Ferran; Montes Usategui, Mario; Farré Flaquer, Arnau; Martín Badosa, Estela
9-Jan-2017Investigation on force detection methods for optical trapping and sensing inside living cellsMas Soler, Josep
3-Jul-2012Momentum measurements of single-beam traps and quantitative holographic experiments: two sides of the same coinFarré Flaquer, Arnau
30-Jun-1995Multichannel optical correlators: analysis, evaluation, and development of procedures for pattern recognitionMontes Usategui, Mario