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2021A speleothem record from Portugal reveals phases of increased winter precipitation in western Iberia during the HoloceneZilhão, João, 1957-; Souto, Pedro; Rodrigues, Filipa; Sanz Borràs, Montserrat; Daura Luján, Joan; Hoffmann, Dirk L.; Benson, Alexa
21-Jul-2020Early evidence of fire in south-western Europe: the Acheulean site of Gruta da Aroeira (Torres Novas, Portugal)Sanz Borràs, Montserrat; Daura Luján, Joan; Cabanes i Cruelles, Dan; Égüez, Natalia; Carrancho, Ángel; Badal, Ernestina; Souto, Pedro; Rodrigues, Filipa; Zilhão, João, 1957-