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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Oct-2015Ads/CFT Correspondence and Superconductivity: Various Approaches and Magnetic PhenomenaDector Oliver, Aldo
3-Oct-2014Applications of Supersymmetry: Exact Results, Gauge/Gravity Duality and Condensed MatterBarranco López, Alejandro
27-Sep-2013Applied Gauge/Gravity Duality from Supergravity to SuperconductivityAprile, Francesco
29-Apr-2010Automorphic properties of low energy string amplitudes in various dimensionsGreen, Michael B.; Russo, J. G. (Jorge Guillermo); Vanhove, Pierre
Feb-2023Black Hole Shadows: Schwarzschild & Reissner-Nordström (anti-)dSitterNeher Mestre, Narcís
1997Black holes by analytic continuationAmati, D.; Russo, J. G. (Jorge Guillermo)
1993Classical solutions in two-dimensional string theory and gravitational collapseRusso, J. G. (Jorge Guillermo)
Jun-2014Classical String Dynamics in Curved BackgroundsRamos Olivé, Xavier
28-Jan-2020Correlation functions in scalar field theory at large chargeArias Tamargo, G.; Rodríguez Gómez, Diego; Russo, J. G. (Jorge Guillermo)
1993Cosmic censorship in two-dimensional gravityRusso, J. G. (Jorge Guillermo); Susskind, Leonard; Thorlacius, Lárus
2005Cross sections for production of closed superstrings at high energy colliders in brane world modelsChialva, Diego; Iengo, Roberto; Russo, J. G. (Jorge Guillermo)
6-Jun-2016D branes in background fluxes and Nielsen-Olesen instabilitiesRusso, J. G. (Jorge Guillermo)
5-Nov-2020Deformed Cauchy random matrix ensembles and large $N$ phase transitionsRusso, J. G. (Jorge Guillermo)
1993Dilaton quantum cosmology in two dimensionsMazzitelli, Francisco D.; Russo, J. G. (Jorge Guillermo)
1992End point of Hawking radiationRusso, J. G. (Jorge Guillermo); Susskind, Leonard; Thorlacius, Lárus
1999Energy-momentum tensor for scalar fields coupled to the dilaton in two dimensionsLombardo, Fernando C.; Mazzitelli, Francisco D.; Russo, J. G. (Jorge Guillermo)
May-2023Exact solutions in Scalar Field CosmologyMartí Devesa, Joan
2010Holographic superconductors from gauged supergravityAprile, Francesco; Roest, Diederik; Russo, J. G. (Jorge Guillermo)
Jun-2023Kinematical algebras in a non-relativistic expansion of the Lorentz forceVérez-Fraguela Cerdeira, José Luis
20-Jun-2016Large N correlation functions in superconformal field theoriesRodríguez Gómez, Diego; Russo, J. G. (Jorge Guillermo)