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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2020Automated classification of stellar spectraJiménez Palau, Cristina
Jun-2018Characterization of gas-rich galaxies from ALFALFA's survey dataMañé Fradera, Danae
Feb-2022Classifying astronomical sources with machine learningSabatés de la Huerta, Jordi
12-Apr-2024Disentangling the formation path of lenticular galaxiesTous Mayol, José Luis
Sep-2016Forming first-ranked early-type galaxies through hierarchical dissipationless mergingSolanes, José M. (José María); Perea, Jaime D.; Darriba, Laura; García Gómez, Carlos; Bosma, Albert; Athanassoula, Evangelia
1998Kinematics of the southern galaxy cluster Abell 3733Solanes, José M. (José María); Stein, P.
Jan-2023Machine learning estimation of physical properties of S0 Galaxies from their optical spectraAlmasqué Vila, Roger
28-Sep-1990Modelo politrópico de cúmulo de galaxias con segregación morfológica inducida por barrido de presión cinéticaSolanes, José M. (José María)
Jun-2023Multivariate analysis of bar fractions in the local UniverseMerino Muñoz, Guillem
Jun-2023Reviewing and delving into the causes of the Hubble tensionOvejero Torres, Laura
Jun-2017Spectral differences between galaxies in low- and high-density environmentsTous Mayol, Josep Lluís
Jun-2018Spectral features of SO Galaxies in low- and high-density environmentsTous Mayol, Josep Lluís
Jun-2019Statistical analysis of the likelihood of bars in disk galaxiesCanadell Juanals, Josep
1-Dec-2003Structure and Dynamics of Clusters and the HI Content of Spiral Galaxies, TheSanchis Estruch, María Teresa
Feb-2021Study of hidden mergers in double-peaked emission-line galaxiesGarcía Ribas, Alberto
Jun-2018Study of the distribution of the heaviest elements in the galactic haloNavó Perez, Gerard
Jun-2019Theoretical and methodological review of dynamical friction in major mergersBachs Esteban, Joan
14-Jun-2016Unveiling the formation route of the largest galaxies in the UniversePerea, Jaime D.; Solanes, José M. (José María)