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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Annealing kinetics of vacancy-related defects in low-dose MeV self-ion-implanted n-type siliconPellegrino, Paolo; Leveque, P.; Hallen, A.; Lalita, J.; Jagadish, C. (Chennupati); Svensson, Bengt G.
1-Aug-1998Electrically active point defects in n-type 4H¿SiCDoyle, J. P.; Linnarsson, M. K.; Pellegrino, Paolo; Keskitalo, N.; Svensson, Bengt G.; Schoner, A.; Nordell, N.; Lindstrom, J. L.
15-Jan-2003Vacancy and interstitial depth profiles in ion-implanted siliconLeveque, P.; Kortegaard Nielsen, H.; Pellegrino, Paolo; Hallen, A.; Svensson, Bengt G.; Kuznetsov, Andrej; Wong-Leung, J.; Jagadish, C. (Chennupati); Privitera, V.