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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021BraveNet Upstander Social Network against Second Order of Sexual HarassmentPuigvert, Lídia; Vidu Afloarei, Ana; Melgar Alcantud, Patrícia; Salceda Mesa, Marifa
19-Feb-2020Contributions From Psychology to Effectively Use, and Achieving Sexual ConsentFlecha, Ramón; Tomás, Gema; Vidu Afloarei, Ana
5-Aug-2020Dialogic Feminist Gatherings: Impact of the Preventive Socialization of Gender-Based Violence on Adolescent Girls in Out-of-Home CareSalceda Mesa, Marifa; Vidu Afloarei, Ana; Aubert, Adriana; Roca Campos, Esther
5-Aug-2021I Do It, but I Decide With WhomPulido, Cristina M.; Vidu Afloarei, Ana; Racionero, Sandra; Puigvert, Lídia
16-Dec-2019La lectura dialógica como medida científica para la socialización preventiva de la violencia de género. El caso de un recurso residencial en Cantabria con menores en el sistema de protección institucionalSalceda Mesa, Marifa
Jun-2017Learning and inclusivity via Interactive Groups in early childhood education and care in the Hope school, SpainAubert, Adriana; Molina Roldán, Silvia; Schubert, Tinka Tabea; Vidu Afloarei, Ana
21-Feb-2017Networks of Solidarity: Student mobilizations against sexual violence in universitiesVidu Afloarei, Ana
2021Overcoming Limitations for Research During the COVID-19 Pandemic via the Communicative Methodology: The Case of Homelessness During the Spanish Home ConfinementRacionero, Sandra; Vidu Afloarei, Ana; Díez Palomar, Francisco Javier; Gutiérrez-Fernández, Nerea
1-Jun-2022Pioneer Legislation on Second Order of Sexual Harassment: Sociolegal Innovation in Addressing Sexual Harassment.Vidu Afloarei, Ana; Tomás, Gema; Flecha, Ramón
15-Feb-2017Second Order of Sexual Harassment - SOSHVidu Afloarei, Ana; Valls, Rosa; Puigvert, Lídia; Melgar Alcantud, Patrícia; Joanpere, Mar
1-Jun-2021The concept and the name of isolating gender violence = El Concepto y el Nombre de Violencia de Género AisladoraVidu Afloarei, Ana; Puigvert, Lídia; Flecha, Ramón; López de Aguileta, Garazi
1-Oct-2020The Impact of Radical Love on Human MemoryRacionero, Sandra; Ugalde, Leire; Vidu Afloarei, Ana; Melgar Alcantud, Patrícia; Navarrete, Nagore
19-Jul-2021Zero Tolerance of Children's Sexual Abuse from Interreligious DialoguePulido, Cristina; Vidu Afloarei, Ana; Rodrigues de Mello, Roseli; Oliver, Esther