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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Nov-2018Accelerator modes and anomalous diffusion in 3D volume-preserving mapsMeiss, James D.; Miguel i Baños, Narcís; Simó, Carles; Vieiro Yanes, Arturo
27-Jun-2018Aspectos teóricos e implementación del método iterativo GMRES para la resolución de sistemas linealesDorado Ladera, José Luis
24-Jan-2023Characterization of microalgae growth and the relation with its environmentSánchez Julià, Elena
27-Jun-2018Different dynamical aspects of Lorenz systemMurillo López, Ainoa
Apr-2011Dynamics in chaotic zones of area preserving maps: close to separatrix and global instability zonesSimó, Carles; Vieiro Yanes, Arturo
Feb-2023Dynamics near the invariant manifolds after a Hamiltonian-Hopf bifurcationFontich, Ernest, 1955-; Vieiro Yanes, Arturo
15-Jan-2013Dynamics of 4 $D$ symplectic maps near a double resonanceGelfreich, Vassili; Simó, Carles.; Vieiro Yanes, Arturo
Mar-2021Dynamics of the QR-flow for upper Hessenberg real matricesTatjer i Montaña, Joan Carles; Vieiro Yanes, Arturo
23-Oct-2014Effect of Islands in Diffusive Properties of the Standard Map for Large Parameter ValuesMiguel i Baños, Narcís; Simó, Carles; Vieiro Yanes, Arturo
2-Jun-2022Escape Times Across the Golden Cantorus of the Standard MapMiguel, Narcís; Simó, Carles; Vieiro Yanes, Arturo
18-Jan-2019Estudi d’un sistema de reacció-difusió. El model depredador-presaCruañas Baqué, Meritxell
17-Oct-2013From the Hénon conservative map to the Chirikov standard map for large parameter valuesMiguel i Baños, Narcís; Simó, Carles.; Vieiro Yanes, Arturo
24-Jan-2022Integració numèrica: fórmules interpolatòries, gaussianes, el mètode doble-exponencial i exemplesClemente García, Alba
2-Aug-2018Interpolating vector fields for near indentity maps and averagingGelfreich, V.; Vieiro Yanes, Arturo
21-Jun-2020Numerical investigation of the transition from conservative to weakly-dissipative dynamicsElebiary Loren, Daniel
2018On local and global aspects of the 1:4 resonance in the conservative cubic Hénon mapsGonchenko, Marina; Gonchenko, S. V.; Ovyannnikov, I.; Vieiro Yanes, Arturo
12-Dec-2018On the 'hidden' harmonics associated to best approximants due to quasi-periodicity in splitting phenomenaFontich, Ernest, 1955-; Simó, Carles; Vieiro Yanes, Arturo
29-Dec-2010Planar Radial Weakly-Dissipative DiffeomorphismsSimó, Careles.; Vieiro Yanes, Arturo
18-Jan-2020El problema de 2 cossos a l’esferaTorralba Planella, Bàrbara
16-Apr-2009Resonant zones, inner and outer splittings in generic and low order resonances of area preserving mapsSimó, Carles.; Vieiro Yanes, Arturo