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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Apr-2020A New application of Social Impact in Social Media for overcoming fake news in healthPulido, Cristina; Ruiz Eugenio, Laura; Redondo Sama, Gisela; Villarejo Carballido, Beatriz
1-Feb-2022An Instagram Hashtag Fostering Science Education of Vulnerable Groups during the PandemicPuigvert, Lídia; Villarejo Carballido, Beatriz; Gairal Casadó, Regina; Gómez González, Aitor; Cañaveras, Paula; Sordè i Martí, Teresa
Mar-2019Dialogic Model of Prevention and Resolution of Conflicts: Evidence of the Success of Cyberbullying Prevention in a Primary School in CataloniaVillarejo Carballido, Beatriz; Pulido, Cristina; Botton, Lena de; Serradell Pumareda, Olga
2020False news around COVID-19 circulated less on sina weibo than on twitter. How to overcome false information?Pulido, Cristina; Villarejo Carballido, Beatriz; Redondo Sama, Gisela; Guo, Mengna; Ramis Salas, Maria del Mar; Flecha, Ramón
Mar-2016(Im)Politeness and interactions in Dialogic Literary GatheringsLlopis, Ana; Villarejo Carballido, Beatriz; Soler Gallart, Marta; Álvarez Cifuentes, Pilar
Apr-2021Impact of Interactive Learning Environments on Learning and Cognitive Development of Children With Special Educational Needs: A Literature ReviewUgalde, Leire; Santiago-Garabieta, Maite; Villarejo Carballido, Beatriz; Puigvert, Lídia
Apr-2022Innovative methodological approach to analyse innovation and social impactBellavista, Joan (Bellavista Illa); Elboj Saso, Carmen; García Yeste, Carme; Villarejo Carballido, Beatriz
2016La Verneda-Sant Martí Adult School: A Reference for Neighborhood Popular EducationAubert, Adriana; Villarejo Carballido, Beatriz; Cabré Olivé, Joan; Santos Pitanga, Tatiana
17-Feb-2017Lenguaje del deseo vinculado a la no violencia en el colectivo adolescente. Análisis de sus interacciones online respecto a los productos audiovisuales alternativosVillarejo Carballido, Beatriz
5-Sep-2020Propelling Children's Empathy and FriendshipLeón Jiménez, Susana; Villarejo Carballido, Beatriz; López De Aguileta Jaussi, Garazi; Puigvert, Lídia
18-Mar-2021Qualitative study on dialogic literary gatherings as co-creation intervention and its impact on psychological and social wellbeing in women during the COVID-19 lockdownRuiz Eugenio, Laura; Toledo del Cerro, Ana; Gómez-Cuevas, Sara; Villarejo Carballido, Beatriz
Jun-2016Socialización preventiva y nuevas masculinidadesDuque, Elena (Duque Sánchez); Castro Sandúa, Marcos; Villarejo Carballido, Beatriz
2023'Voices against Silence': a case study of the social impact of journalism.Pulido, Cristina; Villarejo Carballido, Beatriz; Vidu Afloarei, Ana; Ramis Salas, Maria del Mar; Flecha, Ramón
15-Mar-2020'We are achieving this...Eliminating the violence and making us all Friends'. The power of friendships to generate peaceful coexistence in Sant Roc (Badalona)Villarejo Carballido, Beatriz; García Yeste, Carme; Ramis Salas, Maria del Mar; Ruiz Eugenio, Laura
11-Mar-2022Young people's voices and science for overcoming toxic relationships represented in sex educationVillarejo Carballido, Beatriz; Pulido, Cristina; Zubiri-Esnaola, Harkaitz; Oliver, Esther