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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jun-2022Dendrimersome Synthetic Cells Harbor Cell Division Machinery of BacteriaWagner, Anna M.; Eto, Hiromune; Joseph, Anton; Kohyama, Shunshi; Haraszti, Tamás; Zamora, Ricardo A.; Vorobii, Mariia; Giannotti, Marina, I.; Schwille, Petra; Rodriguez Emmenegger, César
7-Dec-2021Distance and Potential Dependence of Charge Transport Through the Reaction Center of Individual Photosynthetic ComplexesLopez Ortiz, Manuel; Zamora, Ricardo A.; Giannotti, Marina Ines; Hu, Chen; Croce, Roberta; Gorostiza, Pau
1-Jun-2022Self-Organization Dynamics of Collagen-like Peptides Crosslinking Is Driven by Rose-Bengal-Mediated Electrostatic BridgesRosales Rojas, Roberto; Zuniga Bustos, Matías; Salas Sepulveda, Francisca; Galaz Araya, Constanza; Zamora, Ricardo A.; Poblete, Horacio
5-Oct-2023The Protein Matrix of Plastocyanin Supports Long-Distance Charge Transport with Photosystem I and the Copper Ion Regulates Its Spatial Span and ConductanceLópez Ortiz, Manuel; Zamora, Ricardo A.; Giannotti, Marina Ines; Gorostiza Langa, Pablo Ignacio