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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Dec-2022A review of natural hydrofractures in rocksBons, Paul D.; Cao, Dongsheng; de Riese, Tamara; González-Esvertit, Eloi; Koehn, Daniel; Naaman, Isaac; Sachau, Till; Tian, He; Gómez Rivas, Enrique
25-May-2022Can changes in deformation regimes be inferred from crystallographic preferred orientations in polar ice?Jimenez-Munt, Ivone; Llorens, Maria-Gema; Griera, Albert; Bons, Paul D.; Weikusat, I.; Prior, David J.; Gómez Rivas, Enrique; de Riese, Tamara; García Castellanos, Daniel; Lebensohn, Ricardo A
13-May-2022Folds inside pebbles: when do they form during conglomerate deformation? Numerical modelling and comparison with the Hutuo Group conglomerates, North China CratonRan, Hao; Bons, Paul D.; Wang, G.; Griera, Albert; de Riese, Tamara; Gómez Rivas, Enrique; Llorens, Maria-Gema; Ran, Shuming; Wang, Yan; Wang, Shubiao
5-Nov-2020Interaction between Crustal-Scale Darcy and Hydrofracture Fluid Transport: A Numerical Studyde Riese, Tamara; Bons, Paul D.; Gómez Rivas, Enrique; Sachau, Till
1-Jul-2019Shear localisation in anisotropic, non-linear viscous materials that develop a CPO: A numerical studyde Riese, Tamara; Evans, L.; Gómez Rivas, Enrique; Griera, Albert; Lebensohn, Ricardo A.; Llorens, Maria-Gema; Ran, H.; Sachau, Till; Weikusat, I.; Bons, Paul D.
24-Jun-2020The ephemeral development of C′ shear bands: A numerical modelling approachFinch, M.; Bons, Paul D.; Steinbach, F.; Griera, Albert; Llorens, Maria-Gema; Gómez Rivas, Enrique; Ran, H.; de Riese, Tamara
1-Aug-2019Time for anisotropy: The significance of mechanical anisotropy for the development of deformation structures.Ran, H.; de Riese, Tamara; Llorens, Maria-Gema; Finch, M.; Evans, L.; Gómez Rivas, Enrique; Griera, Albert; Jessell, M.; Lebensohn, Ricardo A.; Piazolo, S.; Bons, Paul D.