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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Dec-2023Self-assembled molecules as efficient selective contacts in translucent quantum-dot light emitting diodesKumari, Sarika
10-Nov-2023Fighting bacteria. Synthesis and study of Polymyxin derivates to improve their therapeutic propertiesPascual i Pérez, Marina
3-Nov-2023Advances in Asymmetric Catalytic Reactions: Novel Methodologies and Synthetic ApplicationsBellido Muñoz, Marina
1-Sep-2023Design of Catalytic Systems based on Halogen Bonding Interactions: Synthesis and Application in Catalytic ReactionsMartínez Bascuñana, Alba
14-Jul-2023Exploring the heavy atom effect and supramolecular assemblies of Au(I) and Pt(II) complexesRomo Islas, Guillermo
17-Jul-2023Synthesis and characterization of multinary group 10-11 metal-based nanocrystalsLin, Mengxi
5-May-2023Cyclometallated platinum compounds: optical and biological applicationsLázaro Palacios, Ariadna
29-Sep-2020Síntesis industrializable de fármacos: de la búsqueda de procesos al estudio básico de reaccionesTorralvo Martin, Héctor
3-Mar-2023COUPY coumarins as privileged scaffolds for the development of novel targeted fluorophores and metalbased PDT anticancer agentsRovira Vidal, Anna
20-Dec-2022Synthesis and Study of Functionalized Porphyrins as Organophotoredox CatalystsTorres Yeste, Pol
14-Dec-2022Development of novel nanomedicines based on polyurethane-polyurea hybrid nanocapsules for cancer theragnosisBonelli Blasco, Joaquin Daniel
22-Nov-2022New organic semiconductors based on the carbazole core: synthesis and application in optoelectronic devicesBujaldón Carbó, Roger
11-Nov-2022Optimización de etapas claves en la síntesis de Palmerolidas. Síntesis de la PalmerolidaArribas Crovara, Maria Fernanda
2-Nov-2022P-Stereogenic ligands: synthesis and application to asymmetric hydrogenationRojo Solé, Josep Maria
14-Jul-2022Understanding the physical origin, topology and strength of noncovalent interactions by means of computational toolsVelasquez Benites, Juan Diego
8-Jul-2022Enolates Go Radical. Stereoselective Radical Alkylation Reactions of Titanium Enolates from N-Acyl Oxazolidinones with Carboxylic Acid Derivatives. Synthesis of UmuravumbolidePérez Palau, Marina
3-Jun-2022Design, synthesis and evaluation of the biological properties of colistin analoguesSolé Solé, Judith
8-Mar-2022Novel antimicrobial peptides for therapeutic applications: design, synthesis, characterization, and evaluation of their biological and biophysical activitySegovia Laserna, Rosario
21-Jan-2022Design, synthesis and study of coordination complexes with spin crossover or single-molecule magnet propertiesDiego Creixenti, Rosa
5-Nov-2021Luminescent gold(I) supramolecular assemblies on materials and biological chemistryPinto Martínez, Andrea
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 83