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Title: Silencing against the conserved NAC domain of the potato StNAC103 reveals new NAC candidates to repress the suberin associated waxes in phellem
Author: Soler, Marçal
Verdaguer, Roger
Fernández-Piñán, Sandra
Company-Arumí, Dolors
Boher, Pau
Góngora-Castillo, Elsa
Valls i Matheu, Marc
Anticó, Enriqueta
Molinas, Marisa
Serra, Olga
Figueras, Mercè
Keywords: Patates
Polímers vegetals
Plant polymers
Issue Date: 27-Nov-2019
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
Abstract: Both suberin and its associated waxes contribute to the formation of apoplastic barriers that protect plants from the environment. Some transcription factors have emerged as regulators of the suberization process. The potato StNAC103 gene was reported as a repressor of suberin polyester and suberin-associated waxes deposition because its RNAi-mediated downregulation (StNAC103-RNAi) over-accumulated suberin and associated waxes in the tuber phellem concomitantly with the induction of representative biosynthetic genes. Here, to explore if other genes of the large NAC gene family participate to this repressive function, we extended the silencing to other NAC members by targeting the conserved NAC domain of StNAC103 (StNAC103-RNAi-c). Transcript profile of the StNAC103-RNAi-c phellem indicated that StNAC101 gene was an additional potential target. In comparison with StNAC103-RNAi, the silencing with StNAC103-RNAi-c construct resulted in a similar effect in suberin but yielded an increased load of associated waxes in tuber phellem, mainly alkanes and feruloyl esters. Globally, the chemical effects in both silenced lines are supported by the transcript accumulation profile of genes involved in the biosynthesis, transport and regulation of apoplastic lipids. In contrast, the genes of polyamine biosynthesis were downregulated. Altogether these results point out to StNAC101 as a candidate to repress the suberin-associated waxes.
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It is part of: Plant Science, 2019, vol. 291, p. 110360
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ISSN: 0168-9452
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