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Title: The EU at the UN First Committee
Author: Cadafalch de Juan, Queralt
Director/Tutor: García Juanatey, Ana
Keywords: Unió Europea
Organismes internacionals
Treballs de fi de màster
European Union
International agencies
Master's theses
Issue Date: May-2020
Abstract: The European Union (EU) is an International Organisation of integration. When acting in the international arena, the EU becomes a single big power representing the 27 Member States (MMSS). However, the EU does not have a common single voice in Foreign Policy. Security is a crucial sector for all States. Therefore, they do not want to share these competencies with the Union. The Treaty of Lisbon reformed the Treaty of the European Union (TUE) and the Treaty of Functioning of the European Union (TFUE). The TUE, in article 27.21 exposes that the High Representative of Foreign Affairs and Security Policy shall represent the EU in talks with third states, in international organisations and international conferences. In article 342 of the TUE, it is reflected that the MMSS shall coordinate their actions in international organisations. This article has been present since 1957 even though it has evolved in the different reforming treaties. Since its creation, the EU has desired acting with a single voice in the different International Organisations. Nonetheless, the Treaty of Lisbon increased the High Representative's power and functions and created the European Diplomatic Body. That is why there is the belief that this Treaty changed the EU's behaviour in the international organisations and the MMSS approach on Foreign Affairs...
Note: Màster en Diplomàcia i Organitzacions Internacionals, Centre d'Estudis Internacionals. Universitat de Barcelona. Curs: 2019-2020. Tutora: Ana García Juanatey
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