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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jan-2024Mechanistic insights into the role of the CPEB4 neuronspecific microexon in neurodevelopmental disordersBartomeu i Galan, Anna
8-Feb-2024Role of kinase DYRK1A in the neurogenesis of the embryonic telencephalonTrujillano Fernández, Alejandro
16-Feb-2024Mediator complex and transcriptional control of cellular identity and plasticityCalvo Serrano, Isabel
18-Jan-2024Variability in domain-scale regional mutation density across tissues and individualsSalvadores Ferreiro, Marina
22-Dec-2023Comprehensive analysis of diagnostic approaches and molecular landscape in Rett syndrome spectrum disordersXiol Viñas, Clara
4-Dec-2023Adhesion molecules and effector T cells subsets associated with female genital tract infectionQualai, Jamal
1-Dec-2023Binary pathogenicity classification of missense variants through development of quantitative protein-specific predictorsÖzkan, Selen
4-Dec-2023Study of the role of substrate stiffness and force transmission to the nucleus in nucleocytoplasmic transport, nuclear pore conformation, genome organization and gene expressionMolina Jordán, Marc
3-Nov-2023Comparative genomics of recent adaptation in Candida pathogensSchikora Tamarit, Miquel Àngel
7-Nov-2023Deciphering the functional organization of molecular networks via graphlets-based methods and network embedding techniquesDoria Belenguer, Sergio
8-Nov-2023Evaluating protein folding predictions and functional annotations: A comprehensive analysis of recent advancements in the protein structural fieldRuiz Serra, Victoria Isabel
20-Nov-2023Unraveling potential disease modifiers of myotonic dystrophy type 1Giroud-Gernetant Deus, Judith
20-Nov-2023Genetic Insights into the Heterogeneity and Comorbidity of Substance Use DisordersVilar Ribó, Laura
23-Nov-2023Implementació i desenvolupament d'estudis funcionals per demostrar la patogenicitat de variants de significat incert i identificar nous gens causants de malaltiaMuñoz Pujol, Gerard
24-Nov-2023Characterization of mRNA expression and localization in synaptic plasticityMendoza Blanco, Mónica
27-Oct-2023Development of DNA methylation biomarkers to study epigenetic inheritance and integration of environmental stimuliSánchez Baizán, Núria
27-Oct-2023Integrating structural and X-chromosome variants in genetic studies of complex diseasesMatías Sánchez, Daniel
19-Sep-2023Uncovering the functional organization of molecular interaction networks using network embeddings based on graphlet topologyTello Velasco, Daniel
20-Sep-2023Systematic characterization of the genome-wide and nuclear distribution of six linker histone H1 variants in human cancer cellsSalinas Pena, Mónica
29-Sep-2023Programas de splicing y desarrollo neuronal: función de la quinasa KISMoreno Aguilera, Marcos
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 230