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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Dec-2023Desarrollo y evaluación de análogos de C75 como potenciales fármacos contra la obesidad y el cáncerGómez García, Roberto
28-Nov-2023Anaerobic digestion of animal by-products: assessment of process limitations and opportunities in real pig slaughterhousesOtero Rodríguez, Ana Mª
17-Nov-2023Computational modelling to study medium effect over molecules and biopolymers of interest in biomedicineBarazorda Ccahuana, Haruna Luz
17-Nov-2023Non-coding genome functions in cancerSubirana Granés, Marc
10-Nov-2023Multiscale modelling of CO2 hydrogenation reactions on Ni-based catalystsLozano Reis, Pablo
27-Oct-2023Forefront cold spray additive manufacturing development by leveraging new spraying strategiesVaz, Rodolpho Fernando
22-Sep-2023Synthesis and Magnetic Studies of Quasi-Isotropic Coordination Compounds with 3d and 4f cationsPilichos, Evangelos
15-Sep-2023Design and Synthesis of Bifunctional Compounds for Targeted Protein Degradation and PhosphorylationLoren Parrondo, Guillem
18-Sep-2023From Romanesque to Gothic: A compositional, morphological and formal study of medieval cultural heritage objectsMagkanas, Georgios
15-Sep-2023Liberación de partículas atmosféricas en escenarios industriales reales y su impacto en la exposición humana y ambiental. Casos de estudio: actividades portuarias y reciclaje de residuos electrónicosLópez Olivé, Maria
21-Jun-2023MXene Materials for CO(2) Capture and TransformationJurado Mañas, Anabel
13-Jun-2023Agriculture-related organic contaminants: occurrence in edible crops, potential transfer from reclaimed water used for irrigation and bioremediation approachesGarcía Vara, Manuel
24-May-2023Designing Advanced Nanocatalysts: Synthesis of complex CeO2-based NanostructuresHervés Carrete, Carmen
20-Apr-2023Computational Modelling of the pH Effect on Intrinsically Disordered ProteinsPrivat Contreras, Cristian
23-Sep-2020Targeting the disordered N-terminal domain of androgen receptor. Novel inhibitors tackling biomolecular condensation to treat late stage prostate cancerFrigolé Vivas, Marta
3-Mar-2023Tuning the composition and dimensionality of transition metal carbides as possible catalysts for green chemistry related reactionsLópez Berbel, Martí
2-Mar-2023Exploring protein structure changes due to somatic mutations in cancerDiéguez Docampo, Andrea
17-Nov-2022Passive air and water sampling in high-altitude lakes: occurrence and distribution of legacy and emerging organic pollutantsMartínez Prats, Raimon
2-Dec-2022Design of peptides able to modulate Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) in mutated p53Nicolini, Federica
14-Nov-2022Localized hypermutation and hypomutation in the genomes of human somatic cellsMas-Ponte, David
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 101