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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2004Polygonal cycles in higher Chow groups of JacobiansNaranjo del Val, Juan Carlos; Pirola, Gian Pietro; Zucconi, Francesco
2022Global Prym-Torelli for double coverings ramified in at least 6 pointsNaranjo del Val, Juan Carlos; Ortega, Angela
13-Jun-2022Automorphisms of Riemann surfacesCano Canals, Júlia
18-Jan-2023Non-connected Lie groups, twisted equivariant bundles and coveringsBarajas Ayuso, Guillermo; García-Prada, Oscar; Gothen, Peter; Mundet i Riera, Ignasi
18-Apr-2022Geometry of Prym semicanonical pencils and an application to cubic threefoldsLahoz Vilalta, Martí; Naranjo del Val, Juan Carlos; Rojas, Andrés
2019Generic injectivity of the Prym map for double ramified coveringsNaranjo del Val, Juan Carlos; Ortega, Angela; Verra, Alessandro
23-Jan-2003Fourier Transform and Prym varietiesNaranjo del Val, Juan Carlos
2002A la recerca de piBayer i Isant, Pilar, 1946-; Guàrdia, Jordi
13-Jun-2022Superfı́cies cúbiques i corbes quàrtiquesJordi, Garriga Puig
2-Jan-1992Prym varieties of bi-elliptic curvesNaranjo del Val, Juan Carlos