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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Dec-2014Análisis multi-proxy paleoambiental y modelización de registros sedimentarios fluviales en los Alpes SuizosFerreira de Carvalho, Rui Filipe
21-Sep-20163D GPS velocity field and its implications on the present-day postorogenic deformation of the Western Alps and PyreneesNguyen, H.; Vernant, P.; Mazzotti, S.; Khazaradze, Giorgi; Asensio Ferreira, Eva
18-Jan-2016Agradación fluvial en la llanura deltaica de Haslital (Alpes Suizos). Análisis de facies sedimentarias y modelización cronoestratigráficaLlorca Ballester, Jaime
23-Jun-2011Canvi rural, transformació del paisatge i polítiques territorials a la Terreta (Ribagorça, Catalunya/Aragó)Sancho Reinoso, Alexis
24-Feb-2016Basement-involved reactivation in foreland fold and thrust belts: the Alpine-Carpathian Junction (Austria)Granado, Pablo; Thöny, W.; Carrera García de Cortázar, Núria; Gratzer, O.; Strauss, Philipp; Muñoz, J. A.
2018The Alpine vegetation of the Pyrenees, a contrasting assemblage of plant communities, life strategies, and biogeographic sourcesNinot i Sugrañes, Josep Maria; Illa Bachs, Estela; Carrillo, Empar
3-May-2017Inversion Tectonics in the Alpine Foreland, Eastern Alps (Austria)Granado, Pablo
2015A 2600-year history of floods in the Bernese Alps, Switzerland: frequencies, mechanisms and climate forcingSchulte, Lothar, 1967-; Peña, Juan Carlos; Ferreira de Carvalho, Rui Filipe; Schmidt, Thomas L. H.; Julià Brugués, Ramón; Llorca Ballester, Jaime; Veit, Heinz
29-May-2019Integration of multi-archive datasets towards the development of a four-dimensional paleoflood model in alpine catchmentsSchulte, Lothar, 1967-; Wetter, Oliver; Wilhelm, Bruno; Peña, Juan Carlos; Amann, Benjamin; Wirth, Stefanie B.; Ferreira de Carvalho, Rui Filipe; Gómez-Bolea, Antoni
16-Dec-2020Growth of collisional orogens from small and cold to large and hot - inferences from geodynamic modelsWolf, Sebastian G.; Huismans, Ritske S.; Muñoz, J. A.; Curry, Magdalena Ellis; van der Beek, Peter