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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2020Development of several multipurpose facial creams (BB, CC, DD creams) and the process for their manufactureDaudén Tranche, Mónica
Jan-2023Stabilizing effect of polyglycerides as emulsifiers in cosmetic emulsionsLozano Gorgoso, Sergio
Jun-2020Development of a lipstick range and the process for their manufactureValenzuela Aguilera, Javiera
25-Mar-2024Innovative Strategies for Photoallergy Assessment: Breaking Free from Animal Models in Cosmetic Ingredient DevelopmentVinardell Martínez-Hidalgo, Ma. Pilar; Maddaleno Jiménez, Adriana Solange; Mitjans Arnal, Montserrat
31-Dec-2014The use of non-animal alternatives in the safety evaluations of cosmetics ingredients by the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS)Vinardell Martínez-Hidalgo, Ma. Pilar
2014Los métodos alternativos en el estudio de la seguridad de cosméticosLapuente Pérez, Joaquín de; Borras, M.; González-Linares, J. (Javier); Llanas Marco, Hector; Mitjans Arnal, Montserrat; Ramos López, David; Vinardell Martínez-Hidalgo, Ma. Pilar
2010Genes y cosméticos: la nueva cosmetogenómica.Bueno i Torrens, David, 1965-
Jun-2015Cosmetics: toxicity evaluation and legal frameworkFernandez de Mir, Ines
Jun-2015The international cosmetic regulatory frameworkShaw Núñez, Nicholas
1-Mar-2014Eficacia en los productos cosméticos: un enfoque celularReina del Pozo, Manuel; Castel i Gil, Susanna