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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2021Untargeted lipidomics uncovers lipid signatures distinguishing severe versus moderate forms of acutely decompensated cirrhosis.Clària i Enrich, Joan; Curto, Anna; Moreau, Richard; Colsch, Benoit; López Vicario, Cristina; Lozano Salvatella, Juan José; Aguilar, Ferran; Castelli, Florence A.; Fenaille, François; Junot, Christophe; Zhang, Ingrid W.; Vinaixa Crevillent, Maria; Yanes, Oscar; Caraceni, Paolo; Trebicka, Jonel; Fernández Gómez, Javier; Angeli, Paolo; Jalan, Rajiv; Arroyo, Vicente
Nov-2021Proresolving lipid mediators and liver disease.Clària i Enrich, Joan; Flores Costa, Roger; Duran Güell, Marta; López Vicario, Cristina
6-Apr-2021Soybean Oil Replacement by Palm Fatty Acid Distillate in Broiler Chicken Diets: Fat Digestibility and Lipid-Class Content along the Intestinal TractJimenez-Moya, Beatriz; Barroeta, A.C.; Tres Oliver, Alba; Soler, María Dolores; Sala, Roser
9-Mar-2021Application of omic approaches on the mechanisms of pollutants using Daphnia magna as model speciesFuertes Rodríguez, Inmaculada
30-Sep-2019Screening and biological evaluation of novel anticancer agents and lipid profiling of autophagy-related proteinsQuintana Agustí, Mireia
15-Jul-2022Polymorphism and crystallization behaviour of triacylglycerols. From pure components to mixtures rich in oleic acidMacridachis González, Jorge
Feb-2018Development and validation of a simple high-performance liquid chromatography analytical method for simultaneous determination of phytosterols, cholesterol, and squalene in parenteral lipid emulsions.Novak, Ana; Gutiérrez-Zamora, Mercè; Domenech, Lluís; Suñé i Negre, Josep M. (Josep Maria); Miñarro Carmona, Montserrat; García Montoya, Encarna; Llop Talaverón, Josep Manuel; Ticó Grau, Josep R.; Pérez Lozano, Pilar
10-Jun-2020Unconnected body accrual of dietary lipid and protein in rats fed diets with different lipid and protein contentOliva Lorenzo, Laia; Aranda, Tània; Alemany, Marià, 1946-; Fernández López, José Antonio; Remesar Betlloch, Xavier
23-Apr-2015The SH3 domain acts as a scaffold for the N-terminal intrinsically disordered regions of c-SrcMaffei, Mariano, 1985-; Arbesú Andrés, Miguel; Le Roux, Anabel-Lise; Amata, Irene; Roche, Serge; Pons Vallès, Miquel
31-May-2020Lipid Vesicles Loaded with an HIV-1 Fusion Inhibitor Peptide as a Potential MicrobicideSánchez-López, E. (Elena); Paús Frutos, Anna; Pérez-Pomeda, Ignacio; Calpena Campmany, Ana Cristina; Haro, Isabel; Gomara, Maria José