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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Sep-2021Gene Silencing of WEE1, CHK1 and Thymidylate Synthase using PPRHS. Non-Viral and Viral Delivery of PPRHs.Aubets Gil, Eva
1-Dec-2022Uncovering the elements that regulate IKKalpha function in response to DNA damageAlonso Martínez de Marañón, Josune
9-Mar-2021Deep Learning System for the Automatic Classification of Normal and Dysplastic Peripheral Blood Cells as a Support Tool for the DiagnosisAcevedo Lipes, Andrea Milena
10-Feb-2021Role of HLA-G in shaping Natural Killer cell biology in cancerArroba Hidalgo, Ester
30-Jun-2022Targeting mitochondrial metabolism in cancer: development and validation of PEPCK-M and PYCR1 inhibitorsAragó Belenguer, Marc
9-Dec-2020Role of CD44 in clear cell renal cell carcinoma invasiveness after antiangiogenic treatmentAparicio García, María
12-Feb-2023¿Son de verdad útiles las colonoscopias?Castells Garangou, Antoni
19-Feb-2019Targeting tumor microenvironment crosstalk through GPCR receptors and PI3K pathwayGuerrero Hernández, Martina
20-May-2015A new quinoxaline-containing peptide induces apoptosis in cancer cells by autophagy modulationZamudio Vázquez, Rubí; Ivanova, Saska; Moreno, Miguel; Hernández-Alvarez, María Isabel; Giralt Lledó, Ernest; Bidon-Chanal Badia, Axel; Zorzano Olarte, Antonio; Albericio Palomera, Fernando; Tulla-Puche, Judit
7-Jul-2023Integrative Genomic Analyses of Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath TumorsMagallón Lorenz, Miriam