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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Bilinear forms on non-homogeneous Sobolev spacesCascante, Ma. Carme (Maria Carme); Ortega Aramburu, Joaquín M.
2020Bilinear forms on potential spaces in the unit circleCascante, Ma. Carme (Maria Carme); Ortega Aramburu, Joaquín M.
20-Mar-2015Optimal Sobolev Embeddings in Spaces with Mixed NormClavero, Nadia F.
7-Apr-2016Endpoint estimates via extrapolation theoryDomingo Salazar, Carlos
8-Feb-2012Capacitary function spaces and applicationsSilvestre Albero, María Pilar
1992Division and extension in weighted Bergman-Sobolev spacesOrtega Aramburu, Joaquín M.; Fàbrega Casamitjana, Joan
27-Jun-2018Espais de SobolevRibera Baraut, Pol
29-Jun-2017Self-adjoint extensions for quantum physicsEstévez Estudis, Joan
24-Jun-2022A fractional Michael-Simon Sobolev inequality on convex hypersurfacesCabré, Xavier; Cozzi, Matteo; Csató, Gyula