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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Jul-2018New approaches targeting brown adipose tissue transplantation as a therapy in obesitySoler Vázquez, M. Carmen; Mera Nanín, Paula; Zagmutt Caroxa, Sebastián; Serra i Cucurull, Dolors; Herrero Rodríguez, Laura
2013New strategies in the modulation of fatty acid oxidation as a treatment for obesityHerrero Rodríguez, Laura; Mera Nanín, Paula; Orellana Gavaldà, Josep Maria; Gurunathan, Chandrashekaran; Malandrino, Maria Ida; Mir Bonnín, Joan Francesc; Makowski, Kamil; Pozo, Macarena; Arasa, Maria del Mar; Ariza Piquer, Xavier; Asins Muñoz, Guillermina; García Gómez, Jordi; García Hegardt, Fausto; Serra i Cucurull, Dolors
13-Oct-2017Short-term vitamin E treatment impairs reactive oxygen species signaling required for adipose tissue expansion, resulting in fatty liver and insulin resistance in obese miceAlcalá, Martín; Calderón Domínguez, María; Serra i Cucurull, Dolors; Herrero Rodríguez, Laura; Ramos, Maria P.; Viana Arribas, Marta
4-Oct-2013Study of carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1A (CPT1A) in adipose tissue. Effects on obesity, inflammation and insulin resistanceMalandrino, Maria Ida
18-Jul-2018Targeting AgRP neurons to maintain energy balance: lessons from animal modelsZagmutt Caroxa, Sebastián; Mera Nanín, Paula; Soler Vázquez, M. Carmen; Herrero Rodríguez, Laura; Serra, Dolors
12-Mar-2017(−)-UB006: A new fatty acid synthase inhibitor and cytotoxic agent without anorexic side effectsMakowski, Kamil; Mir Bonnín, Joan Francesc; Mera Nanín, Paula; Ariza Piquer, Xavier; Asins Muñoz, Guillermina; Hegardt, Fausto; Herrero Rodríguez, Laura; García Gómez, Jordi; Serra i Cucurull, Dolors