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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jun-2014Single-object Auction TheoryCampo Pérez, Juan Francisco
2003Single-valued solutions for the Böhm-Bawerk horse market gameNúñez, Marina (Núñez Oliva); Rafels, Carles
Jan-2019Student’s autonomous learning and tools for teachers by means of the use of GeoGebra. Mathematics I and II subjects of the degrees in ADE and ECO of the University of BarcelonaÁlvarez-Mozos, Mikel; Boncompte, Mercè; Castañer, Anna; Izquierdo Aznar, Josep Maria; Marín Solano, Jesús; Navas, Jorge; Núñez, Marina (Núñez Oliva); Rodríguez Pérez, Gonzalo
2009The maximun and the addition of assigment gamesMiquel, Silvia; Núñez, Marina (Núñez Oliva)
29-Jun-2015Two-sided matching theoryFàbregas Vázquez, Helena
2005Uniform-price assignment marketsNúñez, Marina (Núñez Oliva); Rafels, Carles
2018Valuation monotonicity, fairness and stability in assignment problemsBrink, René van den; Núñez, Marina (Núñez Oliva); Robles Jiménez, Francisco Javier
May-2013Von Neumann-Morgenstern solutions in the assignment marketNúñez, Marina (Núñez Oliva); Rafels, Carles