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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Apr-2008The Impact of a Character Posture Model on the Communication of Affect in an Immersive Virtual EnvironmentVinayagamoorthy, Vinoba; Steed, Anthony; Slater, Mel
26-Apr-2017The Impact of Virtual Embodiment on Perception, Attitudes, and BehaviourBanakou, Domna
3-Aug-2016The neurological traces of look-alike avatarsGonzález-Franco, Mar; Bellido-Rivas, Anna I.; Blom, Kristopher J.; Slater, Mel; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni
2016The Responses of medical general practitioners to unreasonable patient demand for antibiotics - A study of medical ethics using immersive virtual realityPan, Xueni; Slater, Mel; Beacco, Alejandro; Navarro, X. (Xavier); Bellido Rivas, Anna Isabel; Swapp, David; Hale, Joanna; George Forbes, Paul Alexander; Denvir, Catrina; Hamilton, Antonia F. de C.; Delacroix, Sylvie
1-Jan-2016The sense of body ownership relaxes temporal constraints for multisensory integrationMaselli, Antonella; Kilteni, Konstantina; López i Moliner, Joan; Slater, Mel
27-Nov-2018The Social Brain in Virtual Reality. Changing Perspective on Self and Others in Immersive Virtual EnvironmentsNeyret, Solène
19-Sep-2017The use of immersive virtual reality in neurorehabilitation and its impact in neuroplasticityMatamala Gómez, Marta
13-Dec-2013A Threat to a virtual hand elicits motor cortex activationGonzález-Franco, Mar; Peck, Tabitha C.; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni; Slater, Mel
2012Touching the void: exploring virtual objects through a vibrotactile gloveGiannopoulos, Elias; Pomés Freixa, Ausiàs; Slater, Mel
2008Towards a digital body: the virtual arm illusionSlater, Mel; Perez-Marcos, Daniel; Ehrsson, H. Henrik; Sánchez-Vives, María Victoria
1-Jul-2014Transcending the self in immersive virtual realitySlater, Mel; Sánchez-Vives, María Victoria
2009The Use of virtual reality in the study of people's responses to violent incidentsRovira, Aitor; Swapp, David; Spanlang, Bernhard; Slater, Mel
2013Using music as a signal for biofeedbackBergstrom, Ilias; Seinfeld, Sofia; Arroyo-Palacios, Jorge; Slater, Mel; Sánchez-Vives, María Victoria
29-Apr-2010Virtual hand illusion induced by visuomotor correlationsSánchez-Vives, María Victoria; Spanlang, Bernhard; Frisoli, Antonio; Bergamasco, Massimo; Slater, Mel
2009Virtual milgram : empathic concern or personal distress? Evidence from functional MRI and dispositional measuresCheetham, Marcus; Pedroni, Andreas F.; Antley, Angus; Slater, Mel; Jënke, Lutz
5-Nov-2018Virtual mortality and near-death experience after a prolonged exposure in a shared virtual reality may lead to positive life-attitude changesBarberia, Itxaso; Oliva, Ramon; Bourdin, Pierre; Slater, Mel
24-Apr-2017Virtual race transformation reverses racial in-group biasHasler, Beatrice S.; Spanlang, Bernhard; Slater, Mel
2009Visual realism enhances realistic response in an immersive virtual environmentSlater, Mel; Khanna, Pankaj; Mortensen, Jesper; Yu, Insu
2012Visual realism enhances realistic response in an immersive virtual environment - Part2Yu, Insu; Mortensen, Jesper; Khanna, Pankaj; Slater, Mel
Nov-2012Visual Realism Enhances Realistic Response in an Immersive Virtual Environment-Part 2Yu, Insu; Mortensen, Jesper; Khanna, Pankaj; Spanlang, Bernhard; Slater, Mel