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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Feb-2020A Roadmap for the Development of Ivermectin as a Complementary Malaria Vector Control ToolChaccour, Carlos; González Silva, Matiana; Rabinovich, Regina; Ruiz Castillo, Paula; The Ivermectin Roadmappers
13-Apr-2019Advancing the repurposing of ivermectin for malariaChaccour, Carlos; Rabinovich, Regina
Feb-2018Combination of indoor residual spraying with long-lasting insecticide-treated nets for malaria control in Zambezia, Mozambique: a cluster randomised trial and cost-effectiveness study protocolChaccour, Carlos; Alonso, Sergi; Zulliger, Rose; Wagman, Joe; Saifodine, Abuchahama; Candrinho, Baltazar; Macete, Eusebio Víctor; Brew, Joe; Fornadel, Christen; Kassim, Hidayat; Loch, Lourdes; Sacoor, Charfudin; Varela, Kenyssony; Carty, Cara L.; Robertson, Molly; Saute, Francisco
17-Aug-2017Cytochrome P450/ABC transporter inhibition simultaneously enhances ivermectin pharmacokinetics in the mammal host and pharmacodynamics in Anopheles gambiaeChaccour, Carlos; Hammann, Felix; Alustiza, Marta; Castejon, Sandra; Tarimo, Brian B.; Abizanda, Gloria; Irigoyen Barrio, Ángel; Martí Soler, Helena; Moncada, Rafael; Bilbao, José Ignacio; Aldaz, Azucena; Maia, Marta F.; Pozo, José Luis Del
26-Apr-2017Developing an expanded vector control toolbox for malaria eliminationKilleen, Gerry F.; Tatarsky, Allison; Diabate, Abdoulaye; Chaccour, Carlos; Marshall, John M.; Okumu, Fredros O.; Brunner, Shannon; Newby, Gretchen; Williams, Yasmin A.; Malone, David; Tusting, Lucy S.; Gosling, Roland D.
11-Jun-2015Establishment of the Ivermectin Research for Malaria Elimination Network: updating the research agendaChaccour, Carlos; Rabinovich, Regina; Slater, Hannah; Canavati, Sara E.; Bousema, Teun; Lacerda, Marcus Vinícius Guimarães; Ter Kuile, Feiko O.; Drakeley, Chris; Bassat Orellana, Quique; Foy, Brian D.; Kobylinski, Kevin C.
26-Apr-2017Going beyond personal protection against mosquito bites to eliminate malaria transmission: population suppression of malaria vectors that exploit both human and animal bloodKilleen, Gerry F.; Kiware, Samson S.; Okumu, Fredros O.; Sinka, Marianne E.; Moyes, Catherine L.; Massey, N. Claire; Gething, Peter W.; Marshall, John M.; Chaccour, Carlos; Tusting, Lucy S.
1-Mar-2017Incidental mosquitocidal effect of an ivermectin mass drug administration on Anopheles farauti conducted for scabies control in the Solomon IslandsKositz, Christian; Talina, Jeptah; Diau, Jason; Asugeni, Rowena; Whitehorn, Cheryl; Mabey, David C. W.; Chaccour, Carlos; Marks, Michael
16-Apr-2020Ivermectin and Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Keeping Rigor in Times of Urgency.Chaccour, Carlos; Hammann, Felix; Ramón García, Santiago; Rabinovich, Regina
24-Apr-2017Ivermectin to reduce malaria transmission I. Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic considerations regarding efficacy and safetyChaccour, Carlos; Hammann, Felix; Rabinovich, Regina
24-Apr-2017Ivermectin to reduce malaria transmission II. Considerations regarding clinical development pathwayChaccour, Carlos; Rabinovich, Regina
24-Apr-2017Ivermectin to reduce malaria transmission III. Considerations regarding regulatory and policy pathwaysChaccour, Carlos; Rabinovich, Regina
9-Apr-2019Mapping the potential use of endectocide-treated cattle to reduce malaria transmissionImbahale, Susan S.; Montaña López, Julia; Brew, Joe; Paaijmans, Krijn P.; Rist, Cassidy; Chaccour, Carlos
May-2020Monitoring the COVID-19 epidemic in the context of widespread local transmission.García-Basteiro, Alberto L.; Chaccour, Carlos; Guinovart, Caterina; Llupià Garcia, Anna; Brew, Joe; Trilla García, Antoni; Plasència, Antoni
1-Jan-2020Safety of oral ivermectin during pregnancy: a systematic review and meta-analysisNicolas, Patricia; Maia, Marta F.; Bassat Orellana, Quique; Kobylinski, Kevin C.; Monteiro, Wuelton Marcelo; Rabinovich, Regina; Menéndez, Clara; Bardají, Azucena; Chaccour, Carlos
5-Mar-2015Screening for an ivermectin slow-release formulation suitable for malaria vector controlChaccour, Carlos; Irigoyen Barrio, Ángel; Royo, Ana Gloria; Martinez Urbistondo, Diego; Slater, Hannah; Hammann, Felix; Pozo, José Luis Del
28-Dec-2016Slow Release Ivermectin Formulation for Malaria Control: a Pilot Study in 80-kg PigsChaccour, Carlos; Abizanda, Gloria; Irigoyen Barrio, Ángel; Pozo, José Luis Del
4-May-2018Targeting cattle for malaria elimination: marked reduction of Anopheles arabiensis survival for over six months using a slow-release ivermectin implant formulationChaccour, Carlos; Ngha'bi, Kija; Abizanda, Gloria; Irigoyen Barrio, Ángel; Aldaz, Azucena; Okumu, Fredros O.; Slater, Hannah; Pozo, José Luis Del; Killeen, Gerry F.
11-Nov-2019The economic burden of malaria on households and the health system in a high transmission district of MozambiqueAlonso, Sergi; Chaccour, Carlos; Elobolobo, Eldo; Nacima, Amilcar; Candrinho, Baltazar; Saifodine, Abuchahama; Saute, Francisco; Robertson, Molly; Zulliger, Rose