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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jul-2018Impact or performed T-cell alloreactivity by means of donor-specific and panel of reactive T-cells (PRT) Elispot in kidney transplantationGandolfini, Ilaria; Crespo, Elena; Baweja, Mukta; Jarque, Marta; Donadei, Chiara; Luque, Sergio; Montero Pérez, Núria; Allesina, Anna; Perin, Laura; Maggiore, Umberto; Cravedi, Paolo; Bestard Matamoros, Oriol
26-Oct-2016Online haemodiafiltration improves inflammatory state in dialysis patients: A longitudinal studyRama, Inés; Llaudó Vallmajor, Inés; Fontova, Pere; Cerezo, Gema; Soto, Carlos; Javierre Garcés, Casimiro F.; Hueso Val, Miguel; Montero Pérez, Núria; Martínez Castelao, Alberto; Torras Ambròs, Joan; Grinyó Boira, Josep M.; Cruzado, Josep Ma.; Lloberas Blanch, Núria
29-Nov-2018Strategies to optimize kidney transplantation: a systematic review of the evidenceMontero Pérez, Núria