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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2015Accent Imitation on the L1 as a task to improve L2 pronunciationEveritt, Charlotte
12-Jun-2020Acceso al léxico del inglés como lengua extranjera. Una comparativa entre bilingües catalán-español y monolingües des españolGarcía López, Irene
2019Bilingualism effects on executive functioning: the case of Irish-English and Catalan-Spanish bilingualsGambicchia, Elisa
12-Mar-2019Does having good articulatory skills lead to more fluent speech in first and second languages?De Jong, N. H.; Mora Bonilla, Joan Carles
Jul-2011Effects of speech style on the use of temporal and spectral cues in the production and perception of a non-native vowel contrastKivistö de Souza, Hanna
4-Sep-2021English Suprasegmental Instruction: Insights on Integrating Suprasegmental Pronunciation Instruction in EFL TeachingAparicio Santisteban, Patricia
Jul-2012Interlanguage speech intelligibility benefit for non-native listeners of englishLudwig, Anja
7-Sep-2020Malleability of previously-established and newlyestablished phono-lexical representations: a designAdrian Vinagre, Miren
Jul-2010Overcoming non-native overreliance on duration: a study on english vowel manipulation and neutralizationMoya Galé, Gemma
27-Nov-2015Phonological awareness and pronunciation in a second languageKivistö de Souza, Hanna
26-Feb-2021Pronunciation learning through captioned videos: Gains in L2 speech perception and productionWisniewska, Natalia
Jul-2014The role of exposure to Spanish-accented Catalan in the perception of accentedness by Catalan-Spanish bilingual listenersVega Olmedo, Renato
Jul-2012A study on the effects of nativeness and gender on phonetic convergence in a tape-mediated map taskPisabarro Sarrió, Silvia
Sep-2017Task complexity effects on the acquisition of an L2 vowel contrast: A task-based pronunciation teaching studyMora Plaza, Íngrid
14-Dec-2017The effect of auditory and articulatory phonetic training on the perception and production of L2 vowels by Catalan-Spanish learners of EnglishAliaga-Garcia, Cristina
21-Feb-2020The Effect of First Language Perception on the Discrimination of a Non-native Vowel Contrast: Investigating Individual DifferencesKogan, Vita
2020The impact of auditory attention in L2 vowel perception and production by means of phonetic trainingFrank, Josh
4-Nov-2016The Role of Cognitive Ability in the Acquisition of Second Language Perceptual Phonological CompetenceSafronova, Elena