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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Analytical Measures of Learners' Written InterlanguageNavés, Teresa
30-Sep-2008Applied linguistics what it is and the history of the discipline part i based on exploiting grabe (2002)Navés, Teresa
Sep-2009CLIL effects on writing performance and overall proficiency of secondary school studentsMiret Pallarols, Marc
4-Aug-2009CLIL in SpainMuñoz Lahoz, Carme; Navés, Teresa
2007CLIL Materials in Chemistry and English: Iodometric TitrationsBarreiro, Lídia; Navés, Teresa
31-Aug-2007Complementary Materials for CLIL Course in Chemistry and English: Iodometric Titrations (audio, power points and instructions)Navés, Teresa; Bedford, Nick
5-Sep-2007Content and language integrated learning (CLIL) materials in Chemistry and English: Iodometric and Iodimetric Titrations. (Students' and Teacher's Materials for Vocational Training Course on Chemistry)Barreiro, Lídia; Navés, Teresa
5-Feb-2007Efectes de l'EDAT i la seva relació amb factors contextuals en l'aprenentatge d'una llengua estrangeraNavés, Teresa
1-Feb-2007EFL: is earlier better?Navés, Teresa
2007En torno a los efectos de la edad en el aprendizaje escolar de una lengua extrangeraMuñoz Lahoz, Carme; Pérez Vidal, Carmen; Celaya Villanueva, Ma. Luz (María Luz), 1962-; Navés, Teresa; Torres, Ma. Rosa; Tragant Mestres, Elsa; Victori, Mia
16-Oct-2008How to use Bibliographic Research Database Tools (I): RefWorksNavés, Teresa
14-Oct-2008Introducing the work of Thomas ScovelNavés, Teresa
23-Jan-2009Naves & Hall (2009) Non-official Annotated Translation of the 2007 ESO Language Objectives in CataloniaNavés, Teresa; Hall, David
2-Mar-2009Naves (2009) Dependent clauses following Biber et al. (2002, 1999)Navés, Teresa
25-Jan-2009Naves (2009) Edited Extracts & Tasks based on Eurybase (2008) The Education System in Spain 07-08Navés, Teresa
25-Jan-2009Naves (2009) Edited Extracts & Tasks based on Eurybase (2008) The Education System in Spain 2007-2008Navés, Teresa
23-Jan-2007Naves (2009) edited selection of extracts & tasks based on the 2007 secondary school (ESO) curriculum in Catalonia & the Common European Framework of Reference & PortfolioNavés, Teresa
27-Feb-2009Naves (2009) Subordination and content clauses following Huddleston and Pullum (2005) Chpt 10Navés, Teresa
2-Mar-2009Naves (2009) Subordination following Biber et al. (2002, 1999), Greenbaum & Quirk (1985), Quirk et al. (1985) Carter & McCarthy (2006) and Selection of Definitions from Oxford Reference OnlineNavés, Teresa
4-Oct-2011Naves (2011) on Ellis (2005, 2008) Principles of Instructed Second Language AcquisitionNavés, Teresa