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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2019Automated morphological feature assessment for zebrafish embryo developmental toxicity screensTeixidó Condomines, Elisabet; Kießling, Tobias R.; Krupp, E.; Quevedo, Celia; Muriana, Arantza; Scholz, Stefan
18-Dec-2019Comparative assessment of the sensitivity of fish early-life stage, daphnia and algae to the chronic ecotoxicity of xenobiotics - perspectives for alternatives to animal testingTeixidó Condomines, Elisabet; Leuthold, David; Crozé, Noémi de; Léonard, Marc; Scholz, Stefan
Mar-2018Species-specific developmental toxicity in rats and rabbits: generation of a reference compound list for development of alternative testing approachesTeixidó Condomines, Elisabet; Krupp, E.; Amberg, A.; Czich, A.; Scholz, Stefan