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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Nov-2019Beyond neural coding? Lessons from perceptual control theoryArsiwalla, Xerxes D.; Moreno Bote, R. M.; Verschure, Paul
1-Feb-2019Effect of specific over nonspecific VR-based rehabilitation on poststroke motor recovery: A systematic meta-analysisMaier, Martina; Rubio Ballester, Belén; Duff, Armin; Duarte Oller, Esther; Verschure, Paul
29-Jul-2019Modulating grid cell scale and intrinsic frequencies via slow high-threshold conductances: A simplified modelSantos-Pata, Diogo; Zucca, Riccardo; López-Carral, Héctor; Verschure, Paul
30-Jun-2011Real-time position reconstruction with hippocampal place cellsGuger, Christoph; Gener, Thomas; Pennartz, Cyriel M. A.; Brotons-Mas, Jorge R.; Edlinger, Günter; Bermúdez i Badia, S.; Verschure, Paul; Schaffelhofer, Stefan; Sánchez-Vives, María Victoria
24-Jun-2021Relationship between intensity and recovery in post-stroke rehabilitation: a retrospective analysis.Rubio Ballester, Belén; Ward, Nick S; Brander, Fran; Maier, Martina; Kelly, Kate; Verschure, Paul
7-Dec-2019Switching operation modes in the neocortex via cholinergic neuromodulationPuigbó, Jordi-Ysard; Arsiwalla, Xerxes D.; González Ballester, Miguel Ángel; Verschure, Paul