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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Causal illusion as a cognitive basis of pseudoscientific beliefsTorres, Marta N. (Marta Natalia); Barberia, Itxaso; Rodríguez-Ferreiro, Javier
9-Jun-2020Conflict Mediation, Emotional Regulation and Coping Strategies in the Educational FieldBonilla R., Pedro; Armadans Tremolosa, Immaculada; Anguera Argilaga, María Teresa
4-Jun-2020Neural oscillations and event-related potentials reveal how semantic congruence drives long-term memory in both young and older humansPackard, Pau A.; Steiger, Tineke K.; Fuentemilla Garriga, Lluís; Bunzeck, Nico
2020Meta-analysis of cortical thickness abnormalities in medication-free patients with major depressive disorderLi, Qian; Zhao, Youjin; Chen, Ziqi; Long, Jingyi; Dai, Jing; Huang, Xiaoqi; Lui, Su; Radua, Joaquim; Vieta i Pascual, Eduard, 1963-; Kemp, Graham J.; Sweeney, John A.; Li, Fei; Gong, Qiyong
10-Jan-2020Mitochondrial fission in Huntington's disease mouse striatum disrupts ER-mitochondria contacts leading to disturbances in Ca2+ efflux and Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) homeostasisCherubini, Marta; López-Molina, Laura; Ginés Padrós, Silvia
27-Apr-2020Using fMRI to assess brain activity in people with Down Syndrome: A systematic reviewCarbó i Carreté, Maria de les Salines; Cañete-Massé, Cristina; Peró, Maribel; Guàrdia Olmos, Joan
Feb-2020Brain structural covariance networks in obsessive-compulsive disorder: a graph analysis from the ENIGMA ConsortiumCalvo, Anna; Giménez, Mònica; Lázaro García, Luisa; Martínez Zalacaín, Ignacio; ENIGMA-OCD working group
4-Feb-2020Increased error-correction leads to both higher levels of variability and adaptationKnelange, Elisabeth B.; López-Moliner, Joan
Jun-2020Personal Construct Therapy vs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the Treatment of Depression in Women with Fibromyalgia: Study Protocol for a Multicenter Randomized Controlled TrialPaz, C.; Aguilera, María del Carmen; Salla Martínez, Marta; Compañ, Victoria; Medina Alcaraz, Juan Carlos; Bados López, Arturo; García Grau, Eugeni; Castel, A.; Cañete Crespillo, Josep; Montesano del Campo, Adrián; Madeiros-Ferreira, L.; Feixas i Viaplana, Guillem
30-Apr-2020Human pluripotent stem cell-derived neurons are functionally mature in vitro and integrate into the mouse striatum following transplantationComella Bolla, Andrea; Orlandi, Javier G.; Miguez, Andrés; Straccia, Marco; García Bravo, María; Bombau, Georgina; Galofré, Mireia; Sanders, Phil; Carrere, Jordi; Segovia, José Carlos; Blasi Cabús, Joan; Allen, Nicholas D.; Alberch i Vié, Jordi; Soriano i Fradera, Jordi; Canals i Coll, Josep M.