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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Aug-2013Impact of the 'Learning Together, Growing in Family' Programme on the Professionals and Attention to Families ServicesRodrigo, María José; Martín, Juan Carlos; Mateos Inchaurrondo, Ainoa; Pastor Vicente, Crescencia; Guerra, Mónica
Jan-2017El fomento de la inclusión social infantil a través de los lenguajes artísticosMundet Bolós, Anna; Fuentes-Peláez, Núria; Pastor Vicente, Crescencia
1-Sep-2013The design of a maternal education program based on analysis of needs and collaborative workFuentes-Peláez, Núria; Amorós, Pere; Molina, M. Cruz (María Cruz); Jané, Mireia; Martínez Bueno, Cristina
2011Needs analysis for a parental guidance program for biological family: Spain's current situationBalsells, M. Àngels; Amorós, Pere; Fuentes-Peláez, Núria; Mateos Inchaurrondo, Ainoa
Sep-2013Implementation and Evaluation of the "Learning Together, Growing In Family Programme": The Impact on the FamiliesAmorós, Pere; Balsells, M. Àngels; Buisan, Montserrat; Byrne, Sonia; Fuentes-Peláez, Núria
3-Oct-2012The Perception Adolescents in Kinship Foster Care Have of their Own NeedsMateos Inchaurrondo, Ainoa; Balsells, M. Àngels; Molina, M. Cruz (María Cruz); Fuentes-Peláez, Núria
2014Aproximación a los factores explicativos del desistimiento en jóvenes infractoresBlasco Romera, Cristina; Fuentes-Peláez, Núria; Pastor Vicente, Crescencia
1-Sep-2013Child Welfare and Successful Reunification: Understanding of the Family Difficulties During the Socio-Educative ProcessBalsells, M. Àngels; Pastor Vicente, Crescencia; Molina, M. Cruz (María Cruz); Fuentes-Peláez, Núria; Vaquero Tió, Eduard; Mundet Bolós, Anna
9-Jan-2012Necesidades socioeducativas en la adolescencia sobre la violencia de género: propuesta educativaMateos Inchaurrondo, Ainoa
2016'They didn't tell me anything; they just sent me home': children's participation in the return homeMateos Inchaurrondo, Ainoa; Vaquero Tió, Eduard; Balsells, M. Àngels; Ponce, Carmen