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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2018Pure Quotation Is Demonstrative ReferenceGarcía-Carpintero, Manuel
2019Singular Reference in Fictional Discourse?García-Carpintero, Manuel
24-Aug-2018The Mill-Frege Theory of Proper NamesGarcía-Carpintero, Manuel
20-Sep-2019Semantics of Fictional TermsGarcía-Carpintero, Manuel
2014Disagreement about taste: commonality presuppositions and coordinationMarques, Teresa; García-Carpintero, Manuel
31-Dec-2018Sneaky AssertionsGarcía-Carpintero, Manuel
2018Co-Identification and Fictional NamesGarcía-Carpintero, Manuel
Dec-2020Anaphoric Dependence and Logical FormGarcía-Carpintero, Manuel
May-2021Documentaries and the fiction/nonfiction divideGarcía-Carpintero, Manuel
1-Aug-2019On the Nature of Fiction-Making: Grice or Austin?García-Carpintero, Manuel