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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Contexts as Shared CommitmentsGarcía-Carpintero, Manuel
2016Indirect AssertionsGarcía-Carpintero, Manuel
2016Mark Richard, Truth and Truth Bearers: Meaning in Context, Volume II, Oxford University Press, 2015, 287pp.García-Carpintero, Manuel
24-Jan-2017The philosophical significance of the De SeGarcía-Carpintero, Manuel
Oct-2016Recent Debates on Learning from FictionGarcía-Carpintero, Manuel
2015Accommodating PresuppositionsGarcía-Carpintero, Manuel
2014La Perspectiva del Subjecte, de Descartes a WittgensteinGarcía-Carpintero, Manuel
2014Magidor, Ofra, Category Mistakes, Oxford: Oxford UP, 2013García-Carpintero, Manuel
15-Jun-2018On the Nature of Presupposition: A Normative Speech Act AccountGarcía-Carpintero, Manuel
Oct-2019Conventions and Constitutive NormsGarcía-Carpintero, Manuel