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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Oct-2010Odorant Receptor (Or) genes: polymorphism and divergence in the D. melanogaster and D. pseudoobscura LineagesConceição, Inês C.; Aguadé Porres, Montserrat
13-Dec-2010Comparative genomics of the vertebrate insulin/TOR signal transduction pathway: A network-level analysis of selective pressuresÁlvarez Ponce, David; Aguadé Porres, Montserrat; Rozas Liras, Julio A.
2010Gene expression following induction of regeneration in Drosophila wing imaginal discsBlanco, Enrique; Ruiz-Romero, Marina; Beltran i Agulló, Sergi; Bosch Marimon, Manel; Punset, Adrià; Serras Rigalt, Florenci; Corominas, Montserrat (Corominas Guiu)
2006The CdiTESK1 kinase is required for sevenless signaling and photoreceptor cell shape in the Drosophila eyeSesé i Faustino, Marta; Corominas, Montserrat (Corominas Guiu); Stocker, H.; Heino, T.I.; Hafen, E.; Serras Rigalt, Florenci
2010Genetic markers of the Va/Ba balanced lethal strain of Drosophila subobscuraAraúz, P. A.; Pegueroles Queralt, Cinta; Calabria Garcia, Gemma; Serra i Camó, Lluís; Balanyà i Maymó, Joan; Pascual Berniola, Marta; Mestres i Naval, Francesc
10-Dec-2012CBS: an open platform that integrates predictive methods and epigenetics information to characterize conserved regulatory features in multiple Drosophila genomes.Blanco García, Enrique; Corominas, Montserrat (Corominas Guiu)
9-Feb-2011Genome-wide chromatin occupancy reveals a role for ASH2 in transcriptional pausing      Perez-Lluch, Silvia; Blanco García, Enrique; Carbonell Sanroma, Albert; Raha, D.; Snyder, M.; Serras Rigalt, Florenci; Corominas, Montserrat (Corominas Guiu)
15-Oct-2010Competition between SOCS36E and Drk modulates Sevenless receptor tyrosine kinase activityAlmudi, Isabel; Corominas, Montserrat (Corominas Guiu); Serras Rigalt, Florenci
2014Family Size Evolution in Drosophila Chemosensory Gene Families: A Comparative Analysis with a Critical Appraisal of MethodsAlmeida, Francisca C.; Sánchez-Gracia, Alejandro; Campos, J. L.; Rozas Liras, Julio A.
Dec-2014New sample of drosophilids from the Font Groga site, Barcelona (Spain)Pineda, Laura; Esteve, Carla; Pascual Berniola, Marta; Mestres i Naval, Francesc