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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012The Coordinated Radio and Infrared Survey for High-Mass Star Formation (The CORNISH Survey). I. Survey DesignHoare, M. G.; Purcell, C. R.; Churchwell, E. B.; Diamond, P.; Cotton, W. D.; Chandler, C. J.; Smethurst, S.; Kurtz, S. E.; Mundy, L. G.; Dougherty, S. M.; Fender, R. P.; Fuller, G. A.; Jackson, J. M.; Garrington, S. T.; Gledhill, T. R.; Goldsmith, P. F.; Lumsden, S. L.; Martí Ribas, Josep; Moore, T. J. T.; Paredes i Poy, Josep Maria
2012Critical Behavior and Axis Defining Symmetry Breaking in Hydra Embryonic DevelopmentGamba, Andrea; Nicodemi, Mario; Soriano i Fradera, Jordi; Ott, Albrecht
2010MAGIC TeV Gamma-Ray Observations of Markarian 421 during Multiwavelength Campaigns in 2006Baixeras Divar, Carmen; Balestra, S.; Barrio, J. A.; Becerra González, J.; Bordas Coma, Pol; Bosch i Ramon, Valentí; Moldón Vara, Francisco Javier; Paredes i Poy, Josep Maria; Ribó Gomis, Marc; Zabalza de Torres, Víctor
8-Mar-2011Weakly linked binary mixtures of F = 1 87Rb Bose-Einstein condensatesMelé Messeguer, Marina; Juliá-Díaz, Bruno; Guilleumas, Montserrat; Polls Martí, Artur; Sanpera Trigueros, Anna
2010Holographic superconductors from gauged supergravityAprile, Francesco; Roest, Diederik; Russo, J. G. (Jorge Guillermo)
2010String theory dualities and supergravity divergencesGreen, Michael B.; Russo, J. G. (Jorge Guillermo); Vanhove, Pierre
9-Dec-2011Trends in indices of daily precipitation extremes in Catalonia (NE Spain), 1951-2003Turco, Marco; Llasat Botija, María del Carmen
8-Jul-2011Tornadoes and waterspouts in Catalonia (1950-2009)Gayà, M.; Llasat Botija, María del Carmen; Arús Dumenjó, Joan
8-Sep-2010Analysis of warm season thunderstorms using an object-oriented tracking method based on radar and total lightning dataRigo, Tomeu; Pineda, Nicolau; Bech, Joan
20-Dec-2010Preliminary results of the Social Impact Research Group of MEDEX: the request database (2000-2002) of two Meteorological ServicesAmaro, J.; Gayà, M.; Aran Mayoral, Miquel; Llasat Botija, María del Carmen