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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2017An algorithm to locate optimal bond breaking points on a potential energy surface for applications in mechanochemistry and catalysisBofill i Villà, Josep M.; Ribas Ariño, Jordi; García, Sergio Pablo; Quapp, Wolfgang
19-Sep-2013Embedding catalytic nanoparticles inside mesoporous structures with controlled porosity: Au@TiO2Nafria Soler, Raquel; Ramírez de la Piscina, Pilar; Homs Martí, Narcís; Morante i Lleonart, Joan Ramon; Cabot i Codina, Andreu; Diaz, Urbano; Corma, Avelino
14-Sep-2016Structure of the Reduced Copper Active Site in Pre-Processed Galactose Oxidase: Ligand Tuning for One-Electron O2 Activation in Cofactor BiogenesisCowley, Ryan E.; Cirera Fernández, Jordi; Qayyum, Munzarin F.; Rokhsana, Dalia; Hedman, Britt; Hodgson, Keith O.; Dooley, David M.; Solomon, Edward I.
1-Dec-2017Stereoselective and catalytic synthesis of anti-β-Alkoxy-α-azido carboxylic derivativesFernandez-Valparis, Javier; Romea, Pedro; Urpí Tubella, Fèlix; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes
1-Jan-2017NH2- or PPh2-functionalized linkers for the immobilization of palladium on magnetite nanoparticles?Caparros, Francisco J.; Guarnizo, Anderson; Rossell, Marta Dàcil; Angurell Purroy, Inmaculada; Seco, Miquel (Seco García); Muller Jevenois, Guillermo; Llorca, Jordi, 1966-; Rossell Alfonso, Oriol
29-Aug-2019Access to indolines from primary phenylethylamines by an unexpected palladium- catalyzed C-H functionalization processMancinelli, Andrea; Albert Mach, Joan; Ariza Piquer, Xavier; Barrios Moreno, Leoní Alejandra; García Gómez, Jordi; Gómez, Roberto; Granell Sanvicente, Jaime Ramón
2016QM/MM calculations on selectivity in homogeneous catalysisJover Modrego, Jesús; Maseras Cuní, Feliu
2016Mechanistic investigation of iridium-catalyzed C-H borylation of methyl benzoate: Ligand effects in regioselectivity and activityJover Modrego, Jesús; Maseras Cuní, Feliu
11-May-2017Bifunctional tripeptide with a phosphonic acid as a bronsted acid for Michael addition: mechanistic insightsCortes-Clerget, Margery; Jover Modrego, Jesús; Dussart, Jade; Kolodziej, Emilie; Monteil, Maelle; Migianu-Griffoni, Evelyne; Gager, Olivier; Deschamp, Julia; Lecouvey, Marc
18-Sep-2019Nickel-catalyzed aryl trifluoromethyl sulfides synthesis: A DFT studyJover Modrego, Jesús