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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Dec-2016P-Stereogenic Phosphines for the Stabilisation of Metal Nanoparticles. A Surface State StudyRaluy, E.; Grabulosa, Arnald; Lavedan, P.; Pradel, C.; Müller Jevenois, Guillermo; Favier, I.; Gómez, M.
30-Sep-2015Rhodium-Catalyzed Pauson−Khand Reaction Using a Small-Bite-Angle P‑Stereogenic C1‑Diphosphine LigandCristóbal Lecina, Edgar; Costantino, Andrea R.; Grabulosa, Arnald; Riera i Escalé, Antoni; Verdaguer i Espaulella, Xavier
27-Sep-2019Synthesis, characterization, solution behavior and theoretical studies of Pd(II) Allyl Complexes with 2-Phenyl-3H-indoles as ligandsTomé, Maria; Grabulosa, Arnald; Rocamora Mercè, Mercè; Aullón López, Gabriel; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Calvet Pallàs, Maria Teresa; López Martínez, Ma. Concepción
26-Nov-2018Direct Asymmetric Hydrogenation of N-Methyl and N-Alkyl Imines with an Ir(III)H CatalystSalomo, Ernest; Gallen, Albert; Sciortino, Giuseppe; Ujaque, Gregori; Grabulosa, Arnald; Lledós, Agustí (Lledós i Falcó); Riera i Escalé, Antoni; Verdaguer i Espaulella, Xavier