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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Feb-2023Generation of hydroxyl radicals in the peroxi-coagulation process with an air-diffusion cathode: Fluorescence analysis and kinetic modelingTreviño-Reséndez, José; Grajales, Norberto; Medel, Alejandro; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Meas, Yunny
21-Nov-2022Greywater treatment by anodic oxidation, photoelectro-Fenton and solar photoelectro-Fenton processes: Influence of relevant parameters and toxicity evolutionDos Santos, Paulo Renato; De Oliveira Dourados, Maria Eduarda; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Brillas, Enric; Pereira Cavalcante, Rodrigo; Cavalheri, Priscila Sabioni; Paulo, Paula Loureiro; Guelfi, Diego Roberto Vieira; Oliveira, Silvio C. deCésar; Gozzi, Fábio; Machulek Junior, Amílcar
15-Feb-2019Groundwater treatment using a solid polymer electrolyte cell with mesh electrodesOriol, Roger; Clematis, Davide; Brillas, Enric; Cortina Pallàs, José Luis; Panizza, Marco; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
22-Sep-2021H2O2 production at gas-diffusion cathodes made from agarose-derived carbons with different textural properties for acebutolol degradation in chloride mediaZhang, Yanyu; Daniel, Giorgia; Lanzalaco, Sonia; Isee, Abdirisak Ahmed; Facchin, Alessandro; Wang, Aimin; Brillas, Enric; Durante, Christian; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
29-Sep-2017Inactivation of microbiota from urban wastewater by single and sequential electrocoagulation and electro-Fenton treatmentsAnfruns-Estrada, Eduard; Bruguera Casamada, Carmina; Salvadó i Cabré, Humbert; Brillas, Enric; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Araujo Boira, Rosa Ma.
12-Feb-2018Influence of chelation on the Fenton-based electrochemical degradation of herbicide tebuthiuronGozzi, Fábio; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; De Oliveira, Silvio César; Machulek Jr., Amílcar; Brillas, Enric
18-Oct-2018Influence of electrolysis conditions on the treatment of herbicide bentazon using artificial UVA radiation and sunlight. Identification of oxidation productsGuelfi, Diego Roberta de Vieira; Brillas, Enric; Gozzi, Fábio; Machulek Jr., Amílcar; Oliveira, Silvio C. de; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
10-Nov-2020Influence of ruthenium doping on UV- and visible-light photoelectrocatalytic color removal from dye solutions using a TiO2 nanotube array photoanodeGarcía-Ramírez, Patricia; Ramírez-Morales, Erik; Solis Cortazar, Juan Carlos; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Silva-Martínez, Susana
7-Jul-2016Influence of the anode material on the degradation of naproxen by Fenton-based electrochemical processesCoria, Gabriela; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Brillas, Enric; Nava, José L.
11-Jan-2018IrO2-Ta2O5|Ti electrodes prepared by electrodeposition from different Ir:Ta ratios for the degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsHerrada García, Rosa Alhelí; Acosta-Santoyo, Gustavo; Sepúlveda-Guzmán, Selene; Brillas, Enric; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Bustos, Erika
7-Jan-2020Magnetic MIL(Fe)-type MOF-derived N-doped nano-ZVI@C rods as heterogeneous catalyst for the electro-Fenton degradation of gemfibrozil in a complex aqueous matrixYe, Zhihong; Padilla Sánchez, José Antonio; Xuriguera Martín, María Elena; Brillas, Enric; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
10-Jul-2020Mechanism and stability of an Fe-based 2D MOF during the photoelectro-Fenton treatment of organic micropollutants under UVA and visible light irradiationYe, Zhihong; Schukraft, Giulia E.M.; L'Hermitte, Anouk; Xiong, Ying; Brillas, Enric; Petit, Camille; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
18-Sep-2018Microwave-assisted sol-gel synthesis of an Au-TiO2 photoanode for the advanced oxidation of paracetamol as model pharmaceutical pollutantHernández, Rafael; Olvera-Rodríguez, Isidoro; Guzmán, Carlos; Medel, Alejandro; Escobar-Alarcón, Luis; Brillas, Enric; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Esquivel Escalante, Karen
14-Sep-2020Mineralization of Acid Red 1 azo dye by solar photoelectro-Fenton-like process using electrogenerated HClO and photoregenerated Fe(II)Murrieta, Maria F.; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Brillas, Enric; Nava, José L.
23-Jun-2020Mineralization of Methyl Orange azo dye by processes based on H2O2 electrogeneration at a 3D-like air-diffusion cathodeMárquez, Ana A.; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Brillas, Enric; Nava, José L.
1-Nov-2018Mineralization of pentachlorophenol by ferrioxalate-assisted solar photo-fenton process at mild pHYe, Zhihong; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio; Zhang, Hui; Huang, Yao-Hui
14-Feb-2024Modeling the electrocatalytic nitrate removal in a rotating cylinder electrode reactorOriol, Roger; Nava, José L.; Brillas, Enric; Cornejo, Oscar M.; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
27-Sep-2022MOF-derived single-atom catalysts: The next frontier in advanced oxidation for water treatmentXia, Pan; Wang, Chaohai; He, Qiang; Ye, Zhihong; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
19-Apr-2023New insights into the mechanism of Fered-Fenton treatment of industrial wastewater with high chloride content: Role of multiple reactive speciesChen, Zehong; Xia, Pan; Wang, Dazhi; Niu, Xiaodong; Ao, Lixin; He, Qiang; Wang, Sha; Ye, Zhihong; Sirés Sadornil, Ignacio
23-Oct-2023Nitrate and Pesticide Removal from Groundwater Using Different Electrochemical ReactorsOriol López, Roger