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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2019Burden of Human papillomavirus (HPV)-related disease and potential impact of HPV vaccines in the Republic of KoreaKim, Young-Tak; Serrano, Beatriz; Lee, Jae-Kwan; Lee, Hyunju; Lee, Shin-Wha; Freeman, Crystal; Oh, Jin-Kyoung; Alemany i Vilches, Laia; Bosch Aparici, Francisco Javier; Bruni, Laia
1-Jan-2018Estimation of the individual residual risk of cervical cancer after vaccination with the nonavalent HPV vaccinePetry, Karl-Ulrich; Bollaerts, Kaatje; Bonanni, Paolo; Stanley, Margaret; Drury, Rosybel; Joura, Elmar; Kjaer, Susanne K.; Meijer, Chris J. L. M.; Riethmuller, Didier; Soubeyrand, Benoit; Van Damme, Pierre; Bosch Aparici, Francisco Javier
1990Giant cell arteritis presenting as a supraclavicular noduleVivancos, Josep; Bosch Aparici, Francisco Javier; López-Soto, Alfonso; Font Franco, Josep, 1953-2006; Ribera, J. M.; Ingelmo Morín, Miguel
1-Nov-2019HPV vaccination: Are we overlooking additional opportunities to control HPV infection and transmission?Vorsters, Alex; Van Damme, Pierre; Bosch Aparici, Francisco Javier
1-Nov-2018HPV-FASTER: Combined strategies of HPV vaccination and HPV screening towards a one visit for cervical cancer preventive campaignsBosch Aparici, Francisco Javier; Robles, Claudia
1-Jul-2019Human papillomavirus vaccination: The ESGO-EFC position paper of the European society of Gynaecologic Oncology and the European Federation for colposcopyJoura, Elmar A.; Kyrgiou, Maria; Bosch Aparici, Francisco Javier; Kesic, Vesna; Niemenen, Pekka; Redman, Charles W. E.; Gultekin, Murat
2011Outpatient Quick Diagnosis Units for the evaluation of suspected severe diseases: an observational, descriptive studyBosch Aparici, Francisco Javier; Foix, Anna; Jordan, Anna; Coca, Antonio; López-Soto, Alfonso
30-Sep-2015Perception of quality of care of patients with potentially severe diseases evaluated at a distinct quick diagnostic delivery model: a cross-sectional studySanclemente Ansó, Carmen; Salazar Soler, Albert; Bosch Aparici, Francisco Javier; Capdevila, Cristina; Giménez-Requena, Amparo; Rosón Hernández, Beatriz; Corbella, Xavier
28-Apr-2014Primary care referrals of patients with potentially serious diseases to the emergency department or a quick diagnosis unit: a cross-sectional retrospective study.Bosch Aparici, Francisco Javier; Escoda, Ona; Nicolás, David; Coloma, Emmanuel; Fernández, Sara (Fernández García); Coca, Antonio; López-Soto, Alfonso
14-Jun-2012Primary Sjogren syndrome.Ramos Casals, Manuel; Brito Zerón, María del Pilar; Sisó Almirall, Antoni; Bosch Aparici, Francisco Javier
Nov-2014Pulmonary tumor thrombotic microangiopathy: report of 3 cases and review of the literatureGainza, Eukene; Fernández, Sara (Fernández García); Martínez, Daniel; Castro, Pedro; Bosch Aparici, Francisco Javier; Ramírez Ruz, J. (José); Pereira Saavedra, Arturo; Cibeira, María Teresa; Esteve, Jordi; Nicolás, Josep M.
24-Jul-2020Quick diagnosis units: predictors of time to diagnosis and costsMontori Palacín, Elisabet; Ramón, Jordi; Compta, Yaroslau; Insa, Mónica; Prieto González, Sergio; Carrasco Miserachs, Ignasi; Vidal Serra, Rafel; Altes Capella, Jordi; López-Soto, Alfonso; Bosch Aparici, Francisco Javier
Jun-2017Quick outpatient diagnosis in small district or general tertiary hospitals: A comparative observational study.Montori Palacín, Elisabet; Prieto González, Sergio; Carrasco Miserachs, Ignasi; Altes Capella, Jordi; Compta, Yaroslau; López-Soto, Alfonso; Bosch Aparici, Francisco Javier
1988Sarcoidosis or primary Sjögren's syndrome?Ferrer, Jorge; Bosch Aparici, Francisco Javier; Cervera i Segura, Ricard, 1960-; Font Franco, Josep, 1953-2006; Ingelmo Morín, Miguel
1991Systemic lupus erythematosus in the elderly: Clinical and immunological characteristics.Font Franco, Josep, 1953-2006; Pallarés Ferreres, Lucio; Cervera i Segura, Ricard, 1960-; López-Soto, Alfonso; Navarro López, Margarita; Bosch Aparici, Francisco Javier; Ingelmo Morín, Miguel
1-Dec-2019The role of healthcare providers in HPV vaccination programs - A meeting reportVorsters, Alex; Bonanni, Paolo; Maltezou, Helena C.; Yarwood, Joanne; Brewer, Noel T.; Bosch Aparici, Francisco Javier; Hanley, Sharon; Cameron, Ross; Franco, Eduardo L.; Arbyn, Marc; Muñoz, Nubia; Kojouharova, Mira; Pattyn, Jade; Baay, Marc; Karafillakis, Emilie; Van Damme, Pierre
12-Mar-2018Time to diagnosis and associated costs of an outpatient vs inpatient setting in the diagnosis of lymphoma: a retrospective study of a large cohort of major lymphoma subtypes in SpainBosch Aparici, Francisco Javier; Sanclemente Ansó, Carmen; Escoda, Ona; Monclús Cols, Ester; Franco Vanegas, Jonathan; Moreno, Pedro; Guerra García, Mar; Guasch, Neus; López-Soto, Alfonso
13-Aug-2020Trends in Hospitalization of Patients with Potentially Serious Diseases Evaluated at a Quick Diagnosis ClinicBosch Aparici, Francisco Javier; Ladino, Andrea; Moreno Lozano, Pedro; Jordán, Anna; López Soto, Alfonso
7-Apr-2017Unintentional weight loss: Clinical characteristics and outcomes in a prospective cohort of 2677 patients.Bosch Aparici, Francisco Javier; Monclús Cols, Ester; Escoda, Ona; Guerra García, Mar; Moreno, Pedro; Guasch, Neus; López-Soto, Alfonso
1-Mar-2020What is the relevance of an ambulatory quick diagnosis unit or inpatient admission for the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer? A retrospective study of 1004 patientsBosch Aparici, Francisco Javier; Moreno, Pedro; Guerra García, Mar; Guasch, Neus; López-Soto, Alfonso