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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2019Appendix to the paper by W. Gubler, Ph. Jell, K. Künnemann and F. Martin, Continuity of plurisubharmonic envelopes in non-archimedean geometry and test idealsBurgos Gil, José I.; Sombra, Martín
2007Borcherds products and arithmetic intersection theory on Hilbert modular surfacesBruinier, Jan H. (Jan Hendrik), 1971-; Burgos Gil, José I.; Kühn, Ulf
1996Higuer bott Chern forms and Beilinson's regulatorBurgos Gil, José I.; Wang, Steve
29-Nov-2007On Higher Arithmetic Intersection TheoryFeliu i Trijueque, Elisenda
2008Semi-purity of tempered Deligne cohomologyBurgos Gil, José I.
1-Apr-2019The distribution of Galois orbits of points of small height in toric varietiesBurgos Gil, José I.; Philippon, Patrice; Rivera-Letelier, Juan; Sombra, Martín
2001Una introducció a la teoria de ArakelovBurgos Gil, José I.