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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20131st Conference on Arts-Based and Artistic Research. Critical reflections on the intersection between art and researchHernández, Fernando (Hernández Hernández); Fendler, Rachel
2015Envisioning DIY learning in primary and secondary schoolsSancho, Juana Ma.; Hernández, Fernando (Hernández Hernández); Fendler, Rachel
2015Las zonas grises de estudiantes y docentes como acontecimiento: Aprender de lo que nos perturbaHernández, Fernando (Hernández Hernández); Sancho, Juana Ma.; Fendler, Rachel
1-Feb-2015Más allá de las aulas: aprender en una sociedad cambianteFendler, Rachel; Miño Puigcercós, Raquel
2012Memòria del projecte: Trajectòries d'èxit de joves immigrants a l'ensenyament superior i al món professionalSancho, Juana Ma.; Hernández, Fernando (Hernández Hernández); Herraiz García, Fernando; Padilla Petry, Paulo; Fendler, Rachel; Arrazola Carballo, Judith; Giró Gràcia, Xavier; Valenzuela Segura, Roser
4-Nov-2015Navigating the eventful space of learning: Mobilities, nomadism and other tactical maneuversFendler, Rachel
2013Rethinking educational ethnography. Researching online communities and interactionsHernández, Fernando (Hernández Hernández); Fendler, Rachel; Sancho, Juana Ma.