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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Feb-2019Airport terminals and desert planes: re-visiting the border in the terminal and no country for old menMoya, Ana; López, Gemma (López Sánchez)
11-Jun-2020Appreciation or abomination? A study of fanfiction as literatureEgido Lorente, Júlia
14-Jun-2021Assessing Stigma on Mental Health in Fiction from the Perspective of Frantz Fanon's The Wretched of the Earth and Institutional PsychotherapyGuitart Sanchis, Enric
8-Jul-2015Avaluació formativa per a estudiants de primer cursLópez, Gemma (López Sánchez)
7-Jul-2023Call Me Home to Leave: Jay Gatsby's Mansion and Tears of TraumaMena Amat, Nico
1-Jun-2012Catalan beauty and the transnational beast: Barcelona on screenDeleyto, Celestino; López, Gemma (López Sánchez)
12-Jun-2020Constructing Vita & VirginiaGarcía Moreno, Silvia
2023Enhancing Students’ Motivation in the EFL Classroom Through Life is Strange: A Digital Game-Based Learning Scenario ProposalPulido Salcedo, Angie Alejandra
4-Jun-2018Evil as a social construction in the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde and Lord of the fliesGarcía Palacios, Jorge
8-Jun-2021Female Desire According to the Brontë SistersGarcía Solá, Noelia
11-Jun-2019From Perseus to the Selkies: A Panorama of Film Adaptations of European MythsVillalón Flores, Eloy
17-Jun-2021Gender in Frankenstein: Revisiting Otherness and Identity in The Handmaid’s Tale and Ex MachinaColominas Méndez, Judith
May-2016La traducción del cambio de código: la construcción de la hibridez formal e identitaria en 'The brief wondrous lifo of Oscar Wao', de Junot DíazLópez, Gemma (López Sánchez); Requena Pelegrí, Teresa
17-Feb-2010The Limitless self: desire and transgression in Jeanette Winterson's "Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit" and "Written on the Body"Castaño Méndez, Francesca
18-Feb-2005Literary seductions: subjectivity and desire in the narrative of Angela Carter and Jeanette WintersonLópez, Gemma (López Sánchez)
1-Oct-2012The Next Step: Darwin, Brontë, FowlesLópez, Gemma (López Sánchez)
20-Jun-2023'Peter and Wendy' (1911): Modernism and the Reinvention of TraditionMerenciano González, Andreu
12-May-2014Poe in spain: translation and receptionLópez, Gemma (López Sánchez); Requena Pelegrí, Teresa
11-Mar-2015“Portfolio Project: el dossier d’aprenentatge com a mètode d’avaluació”López, Gemma (López Sánchez); Hurtley, Jacqueline
18-Jun-2018Reliably Unreliable: An Analysis of the Child Narrators in To Kill a Mockingbird (1960) and Room (2010)Rosell Castells, Clara Jane